Is Betty Crocker
at It Again?


o, something is
baking, but it is not
Betty. Cosmetic
companies have found a new
way to improve texture and
versatility of its powdered
products.They take creams
or liquids and slowly bake
them until they

become solids,
creating silky,
smooth texture
that blends better,
producing a natural
Most blushes,
eye shadows, and
powders are pressed to
maintain their shape. The
baked cosmetics, formed in
the baking process, do not
require as many fillers such
as talc. Without the fillers,
the products become more
luminous with more pigment,
allowing you to blend better
without using as much
product. In addition, the
baked cosmetics can be
applied either wet or dry.
Most of the baked
cosmetics have a slightly
different look compared
to pressed. Their
domed shape allows
the brush to pick
up blended colors
formed by the
marbled “veins”

within the
Simply Stylish
Nancy Pride
has just introduced its two
new baked products for fall.
Baked Blush comes in two
shades, Blushing
Peach and Blushing
Bronze. Baked
Shadow Trio comes
in Autumn Breeze,
and Autumn Leaves.
Both products can
be applied as a soft
wash or built up

for a more dramatic effect.
The versatility in use makes
it seem like you have more
products than you actually
Merle Norman
Cosmetics has had a “try
before you buy policy”
from the beginning of the
company. Simply schedule
an appointment and you can
experience baked blush and
eyeshadow for yourself.
Nancy Pride owns Morgan
Fitzgerald’s and Merle
Norman, located at 3800
South Texas Avenue,
one mile north of
University Drive.
(979) 268-0608

PO BOX 3000, BRYAN, TX 77802


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