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Amish Furniture has the Entertainment Solutions You Need
The holiday season
is wrapping up and
I am sure that you
have received some
a m a z i n g n ew g i f t s,
maybe possibly some
entertainment items as
well. Good news, during
the month of January
Amish Furniture for
Generations is offering
Don’t worry if you
think your television is
too large to fit into a wall
unit. Owner Kent Lyons
said “Custom options
are available, and we
can make each piece fit
your needs and space. In
fact most entertainment
pieces I sell are custom
due to such a wide
variety of options and
Want your television
hidden? Wall units have
endless options, shelves

for all extra, items or
display pieces, drawers
to hide media equipment
and you can even use
stained for leaded glass
for unique look. Media
consoles and stands are
also available through
Amish Furniture for
Generations, if you
are limited on space or
prefer a more minimal
look these could be a
more reasonable option
for your space.
The craftsmen have
hundreds of designs
and stylization options,
so if you are looking for
a piece to compliment
furniture you already
have, you can bring
a picture in with you
during your visit and
Kent will show you
options available and
how to compliment your
current pieces.
Furniture from

Amish Furniture for
Generations is an
investment that will
last for a long time. All
the store’s pieces are
100 percent made in the
USA, and wood items are
made from real wood.
Individual craftsmen
in Indiana, Ohio and
Pennsylvania construct
Amish furniture using
d o v e t a i l e d d r aw e r
boxes, mor tise and
Te n o n j o i n t s a n d
superior craftsmanship.
This is why the store’s
pieces can be passed
from g eneration to
When ordering
furniture, customers
havetheirchoiceof wood
and finish. Wood choices
include cherry, brown
maple, oak, ¼-sawn
oak, hickory, walnut
and more. If they’d
like, Amish Furniture

Entertainment wall unit with matching furniture pieces.

can even customize a
particular piece to fit
the exact dimensions
they need to fit it in the
desired place in their
Store hours are 10 a.m.
to 7 p.m. on Mondays and

Thursdays and 10 a.m.
to 6 p.m. on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays, Fridays
and Saturdays.
For more information,
call the store at

PO BOX 3000, BRYAN, TX 77802


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