MIAMI — Imagine walking into a NFL owner’s suite and seeing Dwyane Wade sitting next to Rick Ross .

Sound far-fetched? Maybe but it’s definitely a possibility.

“If the opportunity ever presents itself, I would do it,” Wade told Ross in GQ Sports’ One on One, “but I need the ability to be able to bring some others with me, So once we get in there, whatever change, whatever we’ve been talking about we can do it together.”

But NFL ownership was just one of the many things the two Miami icons discussed in their near hour-long conversation courtesy of GQ Sports. Their discussion, which the duo dedicated to the whole 305, touched on everything from fatherhood to activism to even the revitalization of some parts of Miami.

“Wynwood, Overtown — everything has changed,” Ross said. “To me it’s a plus because people see the vision. They see the true value in the city.”

The duo have known of each other since 2003 but their relationship didn’t truly begin until 2006. At the time, Wade had just brought the Miami Heat its first championship and Ross’ first platinum single “Hustlin’” blared from speakers throughout Dade.

Now, 13 years later, the mutual respect between the two is apparent. In Ross’ words, Wade’s success made Miami a basketball city. Ross, on the other hand, is the biggest rapper to come out of city.

With all they’ve accomplished individually, seeing the two come together for something as big as purchasing a NFL franchise would be an amazing accomplishment.

Here’s to hoping it comes sooner than later.


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