While working on an article for last week's edition of Spotlight, I was told by a Navasota native that her town is the "Blues Capital of Texas."

I scoffed a little at the notion at the time. I do not discount the importance of blues music to Navasota -- the annual Blues Fest brings thousands of visitors and musicians to the Brazos Valley every year -- but the whole notion of a city naming itself the anything capital of Texas seemed a little ridiculous to me.

But today I will eat crow. It turns out it wasn't the city of Navasota that named itself the Blues Capital of Texas; the state Legislature did in a 2005 resolution.

My apologies, Navasota, this one is no rumor.

To be sure, it isn't too hard to become the state capital of anything. Representatives of the place being honored usually bring these bills to the Legislature, and the other lawmakers do not pay much attention to the votes.

As a result, there are at least 57 "something capitals" of Texas, according to the state's official online library.

In fact, the Brazos Valley has several capitals. Madisonville is the "Mushroom Capital of Texas," Hearne is the "Sunflower Capital of Texas" and Caldwell is the "Kolache Capital of Texas."

The honor does not mean much. There is no Sunflower legislature in Hearne or Kolache Capitol rotunda in Caldwell. All of the Brazos Valley capitals have festivals named after their official designations, but all four festivals were established before the titles were given to the cities.

The capital designations can be controversial at times. In a slap to the face of Caldwell, the Texas Legislature named West the "Home of the Official Kolache of the Texas Legislature."

I propose that the kolache rivals hold an annual high school football game each year. The winner of the Kolache Bowl earns the right to be the capital for the following year.

That way the cities will have earned their status as a kolache capital.

? Matthew Watkins is currently lobbying to become the Official Rumor Columnist of Texas. To join the effort write your legislators, then him, at matthew.watkins@theeagle.com.

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