I recently came into a fistful of $2 bills. I gave one to each of my kids, I spent one, and now I have two in a jar where they will sit until I get in a spot and really need four bucks. I vaguely remember my grandfather giving me a $2 bill once and it came with a story of how he carried one in his wallet and never spent it, and no matter what happened, he would never be broke because of that $2 bill.

I no longer have that $2 bill. In fact I'm pretty sure I didn't have it later that day. And, I have been broke before. In college, my roommate and I once pitched in together for a bag of rice and a bag of beans which we cooked and ate in the dark, because the electricity had been cut off. We decided the best plan of action would be to head to the bar, since it had central heating and electric lights for free, but we somehow -- amazingly -- managed to buy a few beers despite our financial plight. It truly is remarkable what youthful optimism and veins full of plasma can accomplish.

As an adult with a family, I've become somewhat more fiscally responsible. I keep the lights on, and the bellies full, but sometimes that banking account dips down pretty low. At those times, I usually attempt to have a stern talk with my wife about how we need to tighten our belts and be more responsible. I also usually mention that she probably should stop going to Target so often. She usually agrees, but then adds that I should probably stop buying beer and playing golf. At this point I usually realize that things aren't that bad, and she can shop as much as she wants.

If your feeding program is lacking a mineral supplements, it may end up costing you more than a shopping spree at Target. In our cover story, we take a look at the importance of mineral supplementation and how and what to feed to get the optimal performance from your herd.

In this issue we also have news and information from around the ag industry as well as the latest on upcoming events and sales.

Hope you enjoy it and, as always, thanks for reading.

'Til next time,

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