I remember the first time I went hog hunting. I had a buddy in high school who had some land in town, and he called and said there was a litter of hogs that we were going to go after. I grabbed a gun, we gathered two other friends, and set out. It didn't take us too long before we found the group of pigs, splashing along the creek bed on his place.

There were about eight hogs total, and we were only about 50 yards away. We all knelt along the bank and conferred with one another about which pig we were after.

"I got the black and gray one," said one.

"I got the one with the black ears,"said another.

"I'll take the one with the brownish back leg," I added.

"I'm going to shoot the one with the spot," chimed in another.

Each man had picked his hog, and we all took aim. We counted to three and all shot at the same time. After a terrific boom, we saw 7 hogs scatter, and one whose scattering days were over. Upon closer inspection it was a black and gray hog with a brownish back leg and black ears and a spot on its back.

All four of us had picked the same target. It is an effective method, but not very efficient.

In our cover story we take a look at a much more efficient method of dealing with feral hogs: snares. We take a look at the pros and cons as well as the best methods to utilize this tactic to help rid your place of these pests.

In this issue we also have news from all over the ag industry and well as information about upcoming events and sales.

Hope you enjoy it and, as always, thanks for reading.

'Til next time,

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