I did something I've never done before this year at the annual TSCRA convention: I lost my entire booth. I set it up fine, and all was great during the show, but when I went to pick it up the next day, it was gone.

I've had this new booth display for almost a year now, and I went and lost it. It was so nice, too. The old display we had for Land & Livestock Post was from past century, and it looked it. It came in two giant carrying cases with wheels, only three of which worked, and it took some know-how to put together. Over the years that know-how grew and grew and in the end it was kept together with mostly tape and wishes. I really don't want to have to go back to using it.

The new display collapsed down into two handy little canvas bags that were light and portable. I should have, would have, could have, just taken them back to my room after the trade show was over. But, I figured I could just leave them and grab them real quick on my way out the next day.

Well, the next day came, and I went back to the trade show area and didn't see my display. I looked around everywhere, but couldn't find it. I don't know if you've ever been in one of those huge convention halls when they are empty, but you really realize how huge they are without the drapes and piping. It is a lot of ground to cover and "I'll go look over here real quick" turns into a 100-yard fast walk. Do that a few times, and you're pretty worn out.

Defeated and exhausted, I did the last thing I wanted to: Asked for help. The people were very friendly, and helped me look some more, and offered to reach out to a few of my trade show neighbors to see if they took it by accident.

The search is still on, with no luck yet. But, if the others are like me, all the trade show stuff goes in a closet somewhere until the next convention and you don't mess with it much until then. So hopefully by August it will turn up. Otherwise, I'll have to get a new roll of tape and go to work on the old one.

Traipsing around that hall looking for that display kind of reminded me of searching for quail. I would have been relieved had that display popped up and scared the bejeeezus out of me, but alas, much like my experience hunting quail, I never saw it. But, if you want to increase your chances of seeing quail on your place, then check out our cover story on restoring native grasses for quail habitat.

In this issue, we also have news from around the ag industry as well as information about upcoming sales and events.

Hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for reading.

'Til next time,

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