Randal Stuart Attendance

Between Pebble Creek Elementary School as a kindergartner and receiving his diploma from A&M Consolidated High School, Stuart has participated in choir, band and soccer and Boy Scouts.

A&M Consolidated High School graduate Randal Jordan Stuart graduated Friday night with not just a high school diploma, but with a perfect attendance record.

“Honestly, it just kind of happened. I had perfect attendance all throughout elementary school, and I just figured I can probably make it all the way into high school, too,” he said.

Stuart noted he had days when he felt burnt out.

“This past year for example, it was pretty stressful,” he said. “I would wake up to go to the gym at like 5 a.m. before school, then go to school, then go to work, and it was like that every single day. … But I still just kind of mentally told myself I have to get through it.”

For students who want to obtain perfect attendance, he said, it is possible.

“Just take care of your health so that you’re not so sick that you can’t go to school,” he said. “If you’re healthy and you want to get perfect attendance, then it’s more than doable.”

Stuart said school is where he was able to learn a lot about himself through different situations he was put in, academically and personally.

Thinking back to elementary school, Stuart said, his favorite memory is being young and enjoying time with his friends during what was a simple time. In high school, he said, he most enjoyed getting to knowpeople.

“My favorite memory would be forming very interesting connections with people and actually learning about them and who they are and where they’re from and where they plan to go in the future,” Stuart said. “I think that’s very cool. That’s a cool memory to have.”

Stuart said he is interested to see where he and his classmates are in 10 years and how they change after high school.

Between Pebble Creek Elementary School as a kindergartner and receiving his diploma from Consol, Stuart has participated in choir, band and soccer and, at 14, earned his Eagle Scout rank.

“Randal worked very hard to make all this happen and his family is very proud of him,” his parents wrote. “Randal is a young man of his word with the kindest heart and a great sense of humor and is always ready to help and support others when needed.”

Looking ahead to college, Stuart will attend Sam Houston State University to study entrepreneurship and business administration.

His advice to high school students is to use their time wisely.

“Time is all that we’ve got, and the time is going to go by faster than you think,” he said. “Just enjoy being young, enjoy high school and your friends while they’re here right now. Just know that high school isn’t how life will always be. Things are going to be different after school.”

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