Texas A&M administrators and students are celebrating an online ranking that named the school second in the nation for graduate student public affairs and policy education.

The ranking from the website graduateprograms.com, which provides peer-written ratings and reviews to prospective students, combines the Bush School of Government and Public Service and the Department of Political Science in the College of Liberal Arts. The website complied more than 40,000 ratings that were self-reported from graduate students at more than 1,200 programs nationwide. The scores were collected between Sept. 1, 2012 and Sept. 30, 2013.

Graduate students ranked A&M in 15 categories, and the website used that feedback to rank the public affairs programs by social life, career support, financial aid and grad program value. Texas A&M ranked 10th in career support, 12th in social life, 10th in financial aid and didn't place in grad program value.

The top overall spot went to the University of Kansas. Texas A&M bested universities such as Carnegie Mellon, Duke, Georgia Tech and Cornell. The second-highest Texas university on the list was the University of North Texas at No. 11. The University of Texas did not make the top 25 list.

Brittany Bounds, president of the graduate student council, was not surprised by the rankings.

"The faculty members that these grad students work with are phenomenal," Bounds said. "I think with the access we have to the presidential library here at Texas A&M, it definitely provides more ability for graduate students to see the workings of the government behind the scenes."

Graduate student Amanda Rutherford is studying in the political science department. She said strong faculty support is what sets A&M apart from its peers.

"I think we receive very excellent training," Rutherford said. "We're known for being good at what we do methodologically, so we hold that reputation."

Administrators celebrated the announcement as well.

"Here in the College of Liberal Arts, we are very proud of the graduate program in the Department of Political Science, which has an exceptionally strong record of success in recruiting and training top students in public affairs and policy," said Dean José Bermúdez. "We also benefit from ongoing collaborations in teaching and research with the Bush School of Government and Public Service. This honor is very meaningful to us and to Texas A&M University as a whole."

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(13) comments

Nunya Bidness

I have to laugh at the lunacy of the disgruntled faculty (not to be confused with the hard working, productive faculty) that post here. If it is logical to assume that boarddefender, allknowing, and I are the same person because we hold the same views, isn't it logical to assume that obasfirst, because, elf, fromafar, etc. are the same person because they hold the same views?

These disgruntled faculty (again, not to be confused with the productive faculty) just can't stand any good news about A&M. Most interesting in this article, or rather what ISN'T in this article, is any reference to football. How could 40,000 graduate students rank A&M #2 in these two fields if academics wasn't THE priority at A&M (contrary to the assertion of the disgruntled faculty).

The day will come when these disgruntled faculty leave. It won't come soon enough.


not only because of the same views, but because of the use of exactly the same expressions ("disgruntled faculty", "tin foil", "TAMU haters" etc.).
And once again: the ranking is a result of the opinion of two graduate students.

Call me a "TAMU hater" but my opinion of Texas A&M is high enough that I think the University does need to resort to boast about such a meaningless statistic. Only an insecure administrator like you needs that....


Secondly, being critical about things which deserve critic like this stupid report, does not mean that you hate. But I guess that is beyond your understanding my friend.


Very bad reporting Mr. Reed. The Eagle should not repeat press releases by Sharp's office without validating them. This article is 100% fictional garbage, totally without statistical merit. Merely a "feel good" advertisement for an awful administration.


Well, It's Allan Reed, did you expect anything else?


typo; it's Allen

Comment deleted.

boarddefender, alias sabio, alias allknowing, let me put this way:

A&M can be much more proud about real achievements. We, the faculty of TAMU, really don't need some fake and meaningless poll, which is based on a sample size of two, to boast.

Secondly what people like you call "disgrunteled" I would call "critical". It is simply our training to be critical, and not to be some lemmings which believe everything they are told, and even you have to admit that the result of a poll based on two samples, is meaningless, and should not be in the headlines of a decent newspaper. Moreover, there much more objective criteria, on how to judge an academic program: what kind of jobs do graduates get? what kind of research is done? how much grant money does the program get? etc.

William Johnson

Being from the CoS, I checked A&M Chemistry; there were 45 responses. Not a huge number, given the size of the program, but a reasonable number. Two for Public Affairs is not a reasonable number. In the rankings,


Chemistry, Biology, and Physics did not place in the top 25, but Math was seventh. I checked the number of responses for Math---there were also 45 for that department.

I must say that these rankings do not seem be at all serious even for the departments that have a reasonable number of responses. It is no wonder that I had never heard of graduateprograms.com before reading the article.

Enough "fun & games"; it is time for me to get back to work.


Quote: "The website complied more than 40,000 ratings that were self-reported from graduate students at more than 1,200 programs nationwide." That's less than 34 student responses per program ranking.

William Johnson

Something is strange. If you go to


it says that there were only 2 respondents to the survey.


But this was compiled from more than 40K ratings that were self reported. Read the article in full Mr. TAMU hater. Why not offer congratulations for once, rather than have the same old hate TAMU attitude that you display.


Very good catch. Celebrated the opinion of two TAMU's own students on such biased (and useless online) ranking. All it means is that the school is doing a good job of keeping its (2) customers happy. By the way, the University of Kansas is ranked #1 and they got 4 respondents. I got a big laugh from "Administrators celebrated the announcement as well." [beam]

John Ratzenburger

I recall some dim website selecting college campuses at random as being the most beautiful, and TAMU was in it. Not that it isn't nice at times, but the most beautiful?

Sure enough, Bowtie picked up on it, released it in his weekly state-of-the-things-outside-my-window email, and the Eagle picked it up (contractual obligation as the propaganda arm of the system). The dim website got a lot of traffic for a little while and A&M picked up another major award.

This seem similar.

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