Texas A&M students Logan Cornelius, Garrett Bode and Tanner Willows play spikeball.

A new sport is bouncing into Aggieland.

Spikeball, also referred to as roundnet, is a mixture of volleyball and foursquare. Played two versus two, teams take turns bouncing a ball into a small, round trampoline-like net that sits in the middle. Points are earned when one player is not able to return the ball or fails to hit the net.

Texas A&M senior Logan Cornelius created A&M’s first official spikeball club in the spring of 2013, which featured three to four competitive members, he said. Since then, the club has doubled its numbers to eight members who travel to national tournaments plus more than 20 members who play recreationally.

“The sport has definitely grown competitively” said Cornelius, a sports management and Spanish double major, “but we love to teach people about the sport alongside the competitive members.”

The team is coming off a fourth place finish at the Southeast regional tournament in Atlanta on Sept. 19, earning the top seed at nationals. Nationals will be held at Vanderbilt University in Nashville on Oct. 17.

Before heading to the national tournament, the club is giving local residents the opportunity to come out and experience the sport for themselves, Cornelius said.

It will be hosting the third annual Maroon and White Classic on Saturday at Beachy Central Park in College Station. Registration is $30 for each team and attendance is free.

Part of the proceeds from registration will go toward The Wells Project at Texas A&M, an organization that builds wells in places that do not have access to clean water, Cornelius said.

Cornelius said he expects 30 to 35 teams to participate this year and encourages everyone to come learn about a new sport that is on the rise.

“We want the public to learn about the sport of Spikeball,” he said. “It was a success in the last two years to bring out people for a good cause. This is exciting for me. I’m graduating in May, so this is my last year to play.”

For more information or to register for the tournament, contact Cornelius at 817-994-0489 or go to usaspikeball.com/t/texas-am-spikeball.

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