A medical assistant to a College Station Medical Center hospital doctor has been arrested, along with an acquaintance, and charged with forging the doctor’s prescription to purchase hydrocodone and other drugs.

According to police reports, College Station police detectives were contacted in late January by a representative with College Station Medical Center. Hospital officials suspected that Nicole Marie Carter, 35, a medical assistant to one of the hospital doctors, had been writing prescriptions without permission from her boss. The hospital representative suspected Carter had, over the course of two years, sent more than 70 prescriptions to local pharmacies without proper authorization from the doctor. The representative also believed that an individual not associated with the hospital, a 28-year-old College Station woman named Tamara Shea Murphy was involved, police reported.

Records from the hospital were presented to police and confirmed that on Dec. 17, a prescription for hydrocodone-acetaminophen was sent to a local Walgreens under the name of Tamara Murphy via the doctor’s credentials, though records showed Murphy had never been a patient of this doctor. These records also showed that on July 11, 2018, a prescription for the pain reliever tramadol and for hydrocodone had been sent to the same Walgreens under Murphy’s name. The latter prescriptions had been sent using Carter’s hospital login information.

Records at Walgreens showed that Carter picked up the medicine from prescriptions made in July, and Murphy had picked up the medicine from prescriptions made in December. Officers reported that they made contact with Murphy, who stated that Carter had been making prescriptions under her name without her permission. Murphy did say that she had been to the College Station Medical Center after a car crash in 2018, and that Murphy obtained her medical records and was supposed to share those with the doctor, though Murphy never saw the doctor. Murphy denied picking up any medicine from Walgreens in December, police said.

Detectives then made contact with Carter, who agreed to meet in person but never appeared for the meeting, police said. Officers spoke with the doctor with whom Carter was employed, and the doctor confirmed that Murphy was not his patient, and that he did not authorize the aforementioned prescriptions.

Murphy was arrested on May 8 with a bond of $5,000 and is charged with fraudulently obtaining a controlled substance Schedule II, a second degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in jail and $10,000 in fines. She also faces unrelated charges regarding criminal trespass, intoxication assault with vehicle causing serious bodily injury, and forgery of a financial instrument. Bond has not been set for her regarding three of these charges, though jail records note she has served her sentence on the criminal trespass charge.

Carter was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of fraudulently obtaining a controlled substance Schedule II, as well as intent to commit such a fraud. Bond was set for her at $10,000; she since has made bail.

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