John David Crow

John David Crow, the first Aggie to win a Heisman Trophy in 1957, died in 2015.

The College Station City Council recently approved a resolution in support of Texas State Rep. John Raney’s House Bill 884, which would designate a portion of Texas Avenue as the Carolyn and John David Crow Memorial Parkway.

Council members initially punted on the idea when it was first brought forward for consideration in March, choosing to postpone a vote. The 5-2 vote in favor of the resolution on Thursday came before a first failed motion by Councilman Dennis Maloney to take no action, which was supported by Councilman Bob Brick and Councilwoman Linda Harvell. Maloney and Brick also voted against the motion to endorse Raney’s bill.

The hesitation in March stemmed from concerns from some about the process for such a name designation. On Thursday, Maloney listed off a name of several community leaders who helped form the city whom he said would also be deserving of such an honor, while Brick said he had mixed emotions about the state choosing “to do things within local communities” without consulting the public first.

The council’s vote won’t have an effect on Raney’s bill, which was still in committee as of Friday. If passed by the legislature, the bill would designate the length of Texas Avenue between East Villa Maria Road in Bryan and Krenek Tap Road in College Station in honor of the Texas A&M football legend and his wife.

College Station resident Mary Hirsch, who also spoke at the March council meeting, again expressed concerns to the council on Thursday about a lack of public input in the proposed name designation.

The designation would not change the name of the Texas Department of Transportation road, and it wouldn’t affect any addresses. TxDOT would handle the installation of signage at both ends of the corridor.

Crow was A&M’s first Heisman Trophy winner in 1957 and was the only Aggie to receive the honor until Johnny Manziel won the award in 2012. Crow spent 11 years in the National Football League and later held several coaching and administrative jobs for both the NFL and college teams. He and his wife retired to College Station until their deaths in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

At the southern end of the proposed memorial parkway, a miniature version of Kyle Field within the forthcoming Fun For All Playground also will be named for Crow. The playground for children of all abilities will be located within Stephen C. Beachy Central Park off Krenek Tap Road. The Carolyn and John David Crow Field will have bleachers seating up to 400 people.

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Isn't it odd that the citizens were not asked their input on this decision?

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