Alexander Henri Arseneaux

Alexander Henri Arseneaux

Four people face felony charges after a traffic stop led to the discovery of methamphetamine, police said.

According to Bryan police, officers pulled over a pickup with a faulty brake light at the intersection of 29th Street and Broadmoor Drive around 2:30 a.m. Thursday. Police spoke with the driver, Zachary Aaron Cheyne, 25, who had a driver’s license that had been revoked. Cheyne and the passenger, Anna Marie Crouch, 34, were made to get out of the car. As both have a history of drug arrests, a K-9 officer was called, police said.

The K-9 officer indicated that drugs were present inside the truck, and a probable cause search was conducted. Police said a syringe filled with liquid methamphetamine was found in the backseat, and both were arrested.

Police also responded to an apartment on Plainsman Lane to speak with the truck’s owner to make sure Cheyne had permission to be driving it. Officers spoke with Doris Emerald Custer, 27, who allowed officers inside. The officers spoke with the truck’s owner, Alexander Henri Arseneaux, 23, who confirmed Cheyne had permission to drive the truck. Police noticed several suspicious items, and Custer gave officers permission to search, a report notes. Police said they found a digital scale, methamphetamine residue and several plastic bags. Authorities said a bag of meth was found in a knife sheath attached to Arseneaux’s hip, and a search of a bedroom led to the discovery of two meth-filled syringes and marijuana in Custer’s night stand, a report notes. The two were arrested.

During the booking process, police searched Cheyne and found glass pipes and two plastic bags containing meth in Cheyne’s crotch area, police said.

Cheyne and Arseneaux are charged with delivery of methamphetamine, a first-degree felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison. Custer and Crouch are charged with possession of methamphetamine, a state jail felony punishable by up to two years in a state jail. Custer is also charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession, and Cheyne is charged with driving with an invalid license.

Cheyne was released from the Brazos County Jail on $12,275 bond, and Arceneaux was released on $12,000 bond. Custer remains in jail on $4,500 bond, while Crouch is being held on $5,000 bond.

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(3) comments

Extremely Fast Driver

Where are all of these kids getting meth from?

Oh Really

Their dealer or they're making it. Such a stupid thing to do, look at those girl's complexion, that's all from meth.

Extremely Fast Driver

Yes, Anna Crouch looks terrible. I've seen arrest photos of her before but this one with the open sores on her face from the meth is just terrible. If someone sold some meth to my little girl and she ended up like that, well... Why is the local DEA and police not going after the people making this and selling it to kids like this. That stuff doesn't belong in this community. It kills young people like Anna Crouch. You can tell by the photos that they are all on it.

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