Bond Curtiss Donahoe

Bond Curtis Donahoe

A College Station firefighter turned himself into authorities Thursday in connection with two theft charges, police said.

According to an arrest report, Bond Curtiss Donahoe, 43, on two separate occasions stole items from Target and Lowes worth a total of about $880.

College Station investigators said surveillance footage from both stores captured Donahoe taking the items earlier this month.

According to the report, Donahoe entered the Lowes  wearing his  College Station Fire Department uniform  in College Station on Jan. 2, walking to the tool section. The report said surveillance footage captured Donahoe picking out a Dewalt tool set, valued at $579, and taking it to the customer returns counter, where he exchanged the set for a gift card. Lowe's policy allows a customer to return an item without a receipt as long as they have an ID, the report stated.

On Jan. 17, surveillance footage captured Donahoe stealing a GoPro HD 1080P digital camera from Target by placing it under his CSFD uniform jacket, a second arrest report stated.

Investigators were given the case on Jan. 20 and an arrest warrant was obtained Thursday, police Lt. Chuck Fleeger wrote in the press statement. Donahoe turned himself in the same day, Fleeger added.

When officers asked Donahoe how he knew he could exchange the item at Lowes without a receipt, he told the investigators that "he didn't know. He just tried it," the report stated.

Stealing an item valued between $500 and $1500 is a class A misdemeanor; stealing an item between $50 and $500 is a class B misdemeanor.

Donahoe was released from the Brazos County Jail on Thursday after posting bail.

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(7) comments

Alex Pacek

How hilarious. So they find out he donated the Lowes gift card to Habitat for Humanity or something. Sheesh. Like a rogue Santa or something. But seriously if only two places caught him, imagine how many others there were. Stealing for the sheer thrill of it can be fun I guess, I just hope he doesn't lose his job over it. What the FD needs to do is suspend him without pay for at least 3-5 days and make him go to a councillor for a few visits and just move on, let him do his probation, pay his fine and just get on with life. He'll always have chiding from his buddies and whose perfect after all? He deserved nothing but a slap on the wrist and he's already got it with his photo in the Eagle alone.

roy g

This doesn't surprise me a bit.

Eagle subscriber

What makes this guy any different from any other low life thief? Fraudster! Disgrace to the uniform! There are plenty of honest and decent people out of work who would love to have had his position. Fire him and throw the book at him.

Eagle subscriber

Hasn't this poor man suffered enough already!


Seems like this was a desperate man that made some mistakes and owned up to them. Shame on the eagle for trying to embarrass him even more.


Maybe so, but just when is a first responder in uniform committing a crime not news. It's unfortunate but should be reported just like DWIs, embezzelments from non-profits, and your run-of-the-mill burglary. It might make the next person who just wants to try something like this think a little bit.


Well, that's disappointing! Way to make the good guys look bad.

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