Kenny Hill

Kenny Hill

A Texas A&M quarterback vying to succeed Johnny Manziel was arrested on a public intoxication charge outside a Northgate bar before dawn on Friday.

Kenny Hill, a 19-year-old sophomore from Southlake, was taken into custody in front of Chimy’s on University Drive just before 3 a.m., according to a College Station police report. He has since posted bail and was released.

Hill was passed out alone in a planter full of rocks and plants in front of the restaurant-bar when officers arrived, police said in the arrest report.

When asked who the current president of the United States was, Hill reportedly answered “Bush” and told officers his name was “Kennedy,” authorities said. Police also said Hill was unable to tell them where he was.

“Due to his level of intoxication, he would have been in danger of someone robbing or harming him as he would not have been able to defend himself,” the arresting officer wrote in the report.

Hill will be suspended indefinitely from athletic activities, as per the department’s policy, said Alan Cannon, associate athletic director. That suspension included Friday night’s spring practice.

Public intoxication is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a $445 fine.

During the 2013 football season, Hill played in games against Southern Methodist University, Vanderbilt, UTEP and Sam Houston State, during which he threw a 14-yard touchdown pass.

He was a founding member of Play It Forward Southlake, a non-profit organization that collects gently used sporting equipment for underprivileged children.

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(43) comments


….and there the story reappears again…… [wink]

Tremaine Mitchell

bet if it was Kyle Allen it wouldn't be there.

Tremaine Mitchell

This is exactly whats wrong with the world-The Media. This is wrong on so many levels. Why should a newspaper be able to profit off someones mistake, then keep the man on the font page like hes a major criminal. If i was and A&M recruits parent this would disturb me.

Nunya Bidness

I have to wonder, why is this story still listed first under "Popular" stories? It's nearly 6 months old! There are other stories that have received far more comments than this, yet aren't even on the list (the Wendy Davis visit to A&M, for one).

Anybody have an explanation?

Darren Benson Staff
Darren Benson

The "popular" listing you are referring to is based on page views, not comments. Despite the age of the story, it continues to lead our rankings in current page views, likely because of the attention he's gotten from his playing time. It's not a common trend to see an older story leading in page views, but it does happen from time to time. Hope that helps.

Rosemary Vollmar

Benson, I think that the page view numbers are going up because we think that it is a NEW article and click it open. Give the kid a Christmas gift and place it back into the archives.

You could perhaps use the reasoning that Mayor Berry used in the article in today's paper. Paraphrasing, "We don't need to see in writing. We can just remember if someone did something wrong."


I guess because of people like you who view it and comment on it, it stays in the loop.....


Hello kettle, , , this is pot.


well, contrary to Sabio, I don't mind this being listed under the poplar/ mostly commented articles......... [beam]


Let's keep the tradition going......[wink]


Maybe Sumlin can use all the low lifes Charlie Strong is kicking off the Longhorns. They would fit in fine at A&M.

keyboard warrior

Well Darren allow me to explain it in simple terms so you can understand... since it is totally unrealistic to grant everyone the right to be forgotten you should realize that people who play sports are more important than normal law breakers and thus more deserving of forgiveness. If you would stop hiding all the absolution potion there would be more to go around, maybe then we could forget about all the other criminals that make us feel unsafe. I for one do not want to live in a society that judges situations for themselves and reserves the right to excuse the mistakes of 19 yr old kids on a whim. No I prefer a strong media organization that censors the actions of sports figures. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Right To Be F…:

John Woods

Ditto ... Incredible!



Hey Ac Hopper, and all you other Einsteins: as long as you are commenting on this story it will stay active, and blemish your new found star [beam]




Why has this article been put back up as if it was current news ?
This happen back in March. The Eagle should be ashamed of themselves. REALLY !!


Whoever put this back up, if employed by Eagle, should not longer be employed by the Eagle.

Darren Benson Staff
Darren Benson

This story was posted in March and has been on our site since then. It has not been re-posted or even updated since it was first published. You might have come across it from a new link or something outside our site, but we haven't done anything to it or with it since it was first posted.

John Woods

It doesn't matter. Your readers only see obfuscation and stubborn self-absolution by the sports desk in such explanations. You could simply and quietly without comment, remove the link and allow the story to fade into the past -- as it should.

Darren Benson Staff
Darren Benson

You can find links on our site for people being arrested dating back to 2006. Why would we remove this one story in particular and not any of the others? When a football player is arrested, it is newsworthy. We haven't done anything to bring it back to the forefront since it was posted, and it has faded into our archives along with all of the other stories that were posted that day. There is no obfuscation, only a stating of the facts of the case as relayed by the arrest report.

elf what's with the posting of old (March to April) comments. Is this a repeating event or what?


Well, hey, his brain is going to bounce around in that helmet this season and probably get a concussions, or two, or twenty.

So, really, when looking at the big picture, what causes more brain damage, getting smashed on northgate, or getting hit from behind by a linebacker going full speed?

And here's to early Alzheimer.....

Nunya Bidness

Didn't the last A&M quarterback to be arrested for public intoxication end up winning the Heisman?

The kid is 19. All 19 yr. olds are young and stupid at some point. Those that learn a lesson from that stupidity are better for it. I'm betting Kenny Hill learned a valuable lesson. Let's all cut the kid a break and move on.



Peter Witt

Agnerd, if your son, daughter were lying passed out and drunk in a parking lot at 3 a.m., wouldn't you want the police involved to a) protect them, and b) cite them? Why is it any different for an A&M student, who happens to play football....Also, wouldn't you want you child to have friends who helped them?

A. Nerd

“Due to his level of intoxication, he would have been in danger of someone robbing or harming him as he would not have been able to defend himself,” the arresting officer wrote in the report.

Didn't know that was a crime. Must suck to be in wheelchair and have cops detaining you all the time for not being able to defend yourself against robbers.

Peter Witt

This is why this stuff is serious....


Good job Kenny or is it Kennedy? How were you watering the plants?

Alex Pacek

So, was the staff of Chimy's cited or arrested for over serving him?

Peter Witt

So far people have called out the police for getting involved, the restaurant for overserving him...the reality is this is a guy competing for the starting QB job, who during spring practice decides to get wasted in Northgate...great judgement I would say...the Question now posed by Sumlin and his teammates is can he be counted on as a leader on the field? Stop the excuses....the guy was found drunk, passed out at 3 a.m. Yep, the restaurant may be an issue, but not an excuse. And where were his buddies? The Manziel excuses didn't fly for Manziel, and won't fly for Hill.


Wait, a liberal calling for personal responsibility? This can't be, or you are just really a joker.

Ernie Montoya

Quarterback? Nineteen years old? Drinks too much? Arrested? Sounds like Heisman material to me!


I expect the Eagle to give front page coverage to each and every dumb kid who gets arrested for a Class C Misdemeanor. He did something stupid that that night there were many other people doing stuff equally stupid.

Don't single him out because he plays football. He shouldn't be given extra rights because of being an athlete. At the same time, there shouldn't be a spotlight shining on him during times when he is off the field.

Professional journalists know the difference between the private self and the public self.

Peter Witt

Bet the coach won't see this as just the behavior of a 19 year old...he is supposed to be a team leader, the next star quarterback at A& we go with the Manziel excuse mentality again...if you don't want to end up on the front page of the behavior don't pass out in front of a restaurant at 3 a.m. while competing for the starting job at spring ball...looks like he just handed an excuse to Sumlin to pick Kyle Allen.


" At the same time, there shouldn't be a spotlight shining on him during times when he is off the field."
But, there IS. Like any celebrity, the general public can't get enough about the private lives of public figures. If he doesn't want to be a potential role model for hundreds or thousands of little kids that want to be the QB at TAMU in 10-15 years, then he shouldn't be trying to play such a high-profile sport at a high-profile college. I'm sure there's some junior college in Montana that would let him play where nobody would know or care what stupid decisions he makes on the weekends.

roy g

So I guess this is pretty much now a requirement for future QB's, as of a couple of years ago?


At TAMU if it happens more than once it becomes a tradition. Looks like this one is well on it's way to being on the books.

Raoul Jiura

Big Surprise the "Bryan College Station Redneck Born Again Mall Cops" are at it again. As long as he was not behind the wheel, on drugs, involved in a robbery, or raped/beat up a women let him sleep it off and learn. Nothing has change since I was in school 40 plus years ago. Police have nothing to do so they try to "Bag a Prize"

Peter Witt

Yep, the future of the team sets the example, and you blame the cops.


Is that the way it,s done in Pakistan or India????

Scott Slough

To be fair 2, he probably wasn't lying when he told that his name was Kennedy. He just was just confused about the use of democrat and president in the same sentence and panicked and admitted that Kennedy had been president.


....Another member of the football team. What wonderful athletes they are![sad]

Scott Slough

To be fair, they don't recognize that democrats exists in College Station ... so his answer is culturally and contextually correct. The real sobriety question would have been to ask which Bush he still recognized as the POTUS.

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