Whether you're rooting for the Ravens or the 49ers, or just tuning in to see this year's commercials, Texas Department of Public Safety officials are asking Texans to make an important game day decision this Super Bowl Sunday.

"Pass up that drink, or pass the keys along to a sober driver," said Mark Cross, spokesperson for TxDOT in Austin.

The Texas traffic agency is reintroducing its four-month-old campaign "Know When to P.A.S.S.," (Person Appointed to Stay Sober) in time for Sunday, a day officials say is associated with an increase in alcohol consumption.

Cross said game-day drinking is a serious issue in Texas, with 45 percent of people reporting in 2009 that they drove home after drinking at football-watching parties.

TxDOT records show that on last Super Bowl Sunday there were 100 alcohol-related wrecks in Texas that led to 33 injuries and four deaths.

Terri Miller, traffic safety specialist for TxDOT in Bryan, said the campaign has been running since October, in time for football season.

"We're focusing on game day because there was a 13 percent increase in arrests during college home games," Miller said. "The Super Bowl has its own distinction ... it's among the top five most consumed alcoholic beverage days."

Miller said those planning to drink at watch parties should devise a plan on how to get home safely prior to drinking.

"The problem with deciding once you start drinking is it's not going to be as effective," Miller said. "Have a plan. Get a safe ride home or determine that you are going to stay over. Those hosting parties should establish safe rides home or allow people to crash on the couch."

Miller said the majority of DWI offenders don't intend to commit serious crimes.

"Most people don't think about it until it hits them -- not only the legal costs but the personal toll," Miller said. "They don't think about time away from school, work and family to attend to legal issues."

A first-time DWI charge can cost up to $17,000, Miller said, when fines and fees and time off from work are added up.

"Law enforcement will be out in full force this weekend, so it's really going to be a good time to P.A.S.S.," Miller said.

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