Texas Execution

Carl Blue, convicted of capital murder for killing a College Station woman in 1994, is scheduled to be executed today.


That was the last word spoken by Carl Henry Blue on Thursday before he lost consciousness as result of a lethal dose of Pentobarbital, his punishment for killing Carmen Richards-Sanders in 1994 by setting her on fire.

"I'm talking to each and every soul in this building, in this room," Blue said minutes before his death while strapped to a gurney. "Get your life right. I don't hate nobody, you're doing what you think is your job. God's law is above this law."

It took 26 minutes for the 47-year-old Bryan man to be pronounced dead, a short time compared to the 19 days his victim suffered in pain before she died after being set ablaze by Blue.

He was pronounced dead at 6:56 p.m. inside a small green room in the Huntsville Prison Unit, which is better known as the "Walls Unit."

On August 19, 1994, Blue entered Richards' College Station apartment with a cup of gasoline he'd purchased at a gas station next door. Richards was doused in the fuel and set on fire, as was a friend of hers in the apartment that morning, Larence Williams.

Williams suffered severe burns on more than half his body but survived.

Before being knocked unconscious by the drug, Blue looked toward his victim's daughter, Terrella Richards, to express remorse.

"Hi Teri," he said as Richards approached the viewing window where she watched the execution. "I love you, I never meant to hurt your momma. I hope you can forgive me."

Blue then looked toward a separate viewing room where his parents were standing with a chaplain, two media representatives and prison security.

"Hey Ma, Pa, all you people in there," Blue said. "I love y'all. Come together and love each other."

Terrella Richards, 41, gave a brief statement to the media after witnessing the execution, saying she'd now be able to move one with her life.

Blue had been on death row for nearly 19 years. When interviewed by The Eagle on Wednesday, he said he was at peace with his punishment, although he didn't agree with it.

"I did something wrong, now I'm paying the ultimate price," he said. "Even though it's crooked justice, I forgive those people."

Blue talked throughout the five or so minutes it took for prison officials to administer the lethal dose and for the drug to take effect.

For the most part, he encouraged his family and observing witnesses to seek God and treat each other with love and forgiveness.

"Tell my babies Daddy will be looking down on them from Heaven," he said of his 25-year-old daughter and 24-year-old son, neither of whom attended the execution.

"So y'all hang on, cowboy up; I'm fixing to ride, and Jesus is my vehicle," Blue said.

Moments before he drifted off into a fatal sleep, Blue said:

"Alright, Warden. Terrella, I feel it baby."

With that, he took several deep breaths, then said, "Love," and took his last audible breath at 6:31 p.m., one minute after the drug hit his blood.

Blue was the first Texas death row inmate to be executed in 2013. His final appeal was denied by the Supreme Court about five minutes before his scheduled execution time.

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(11) comments


Look,i've worked with and within the judicial system.These guys have nothing to lose and they work the system.When they can't admonish the judicial system,they bring in the clergy of all denominations and its made public. Its as much a scam as them being there.Playing on public sympathy.Its a joke and always has been.Quit saying their healed and relieved of sins because their not.If they had the chance they would take you with them.Thats exactly why there on death row.Remember Karla Faye Tucker who was executed and "Found God"? She killed with an axe,Hmmm?I believe religion in their scope should have been founded long ago,don't you think? 19 years of appeal processes in this case ,then God?Please.

roy g

The one difference with the Tucker case is that one of the victim's families actually fell for it and ended up becoming one of her biggest defenders.


I guess pouring gasoline on someone and setting them on fire, is just to scare them? Are you kidding me! Its the most malacious act that words can't describe.No intent? Thats the crazious thing I've heard so far.Hey, douse yourself with gasoline ,set yourself on fire and let us know how it works out? What an idiot.


To all parents children learn at an early age to solve problems by veiwing what they see the adults around do and say. This is certainly Carl Henry's case. I do not believe he intented to kill anyone. GOD REST YOUR SOUL CARL HENRY!!


He should have been preaching love before he burned that poor woman to death. Too little too late.


Couldn't have said it better roy g. Terrella I hope and pray that you are able to move one. You deserve it!!


Texas is a 3rd world backward state.
Texas is guilty of the MURDER of innocent human beings
an eye for an eye ....makes you all blind !

The only people who get "justice" in Texas are the people with the money to pay for it.


roy g

We already know Texas is a bit backward, but Carl Blue innocent? You're delusional. Blue is history now - move on.


Yes Blue was murdered, but it was a murder authorized by the law. I will not loose a bit of sleep over the loss of a person such as this, our community is better off. There are consequences for certain actions. Blue made his choice and this was way overdue. It should have happened a long time ago. If he truely accepted responsibility for what he did why did he fight it for so long. His victim spent the last of her days in agony before she died, he just went to sleep. And where you get that he was innocent....you obviously know nothing about the case.


Truly, if Carl repented of his sins and accepted Jesus Christ then he is in Heaven with our Lord and Savior.


Yea,the catch phrase is,"truly".

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