Proposition 1:

Requiring specific reasons to recall council members

For: 15,000

Against: 3,590

Proposition 2:

Stating who can call a special election in case of a vacancy in the mayor's office or the positions of mayor and all members of the city council

For: 17,105

Against: 2,036

Proposition 3:

Extending the time residents have to file petitions to overturn an ordinance to 30 days and to extend to 15 business days the amount of time the city secretary has to verify signatures on such petitions

For: 14,657

Against: 3,580

Proposition 4:

Clarifying the oath of office mayors and council members must take

For: 14,497

Against: 3,365

Proposition 5:

Defining business days and calendar days throughout the charter in which time limits are imposed

For: 15,849

Against: 2,435

Proposition 6:

Changing the number of public readings for passage of a franchise ordinance from three to two

For: 13,608

Against: 3,952

Proposition 7:

Clarifying the language granting the city the right to grant franchises for the use of public property

For: 14,760

Against: 2,865

Proposition 8:

Changing the wording of the city's ethics policy for council members, appointees and city employees to conform to state law

For: 14,979

Against: 3,168

Proposition 9:

Changing language throughout the charter to make it gender neutral

For: 14,903

Against: 3,535

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