One week after hearing the first presentation of the bond oversight and steering committee, the Bryan school board on Tuesday heard about two projects the steering committee is eyeing for a possible 2020 bond.

A 2020 bond would be the second part of the district’s “two bonds, one vision” path. In May, voters approved a $12 million to address immediate needs around the district, with a second, larger bond on the horizon to handle future needs and growth.

Tuesday’s report from district administrators focused on two facilities: the transportation facility and the Stephen F. Austin Middle School Annex, both of which were originally constructed in the 1970s.

The transportation facility was built in 1976, when the district had 80 buses to cover 160 routes. The fleet is now up to 142 buses with 370 routes throughout the day.

The SFA Middle School Annex became part of the school in 1973, well before the current SFA Middle School campus doors opened.

The district uses a Facility Condition Index to determine if a building can be renovated or if it needs to be replaced, with 60% representing the threshold. Anything less than 60% should be considered for renovation, while those with an FCI greater than 60% should be looked at for replacement.

The transportation facility has an estimated FCI of more than 400%, said Julea Johnson, executive director of instructional support for the district.

“Transportation’s always gone with the thought that our kids’ facilities should come first, so we put them off and put them off, but they know that,” she said.

The top needs at the transportation building are drainage and sewer, pavement and parking, a roof, building envelope for insulation, electrical, an additional maintenance bay and a bus lift, according to an informational sheet.

The cost to replace the building and address those needs, according to a handout, is about $10.5 million.

At SFA Middle School, the functional capacity of the school without the annex is 1,168 students and 1,327 students with the annex.

The current SFA campus first opened for the 2017-2018 school year with 1,189 students and did not use the annex for full-time classrooms. Then, with  1,195 students enrolled in its second year, the campus began using nine classrooms in the annex. The enrollment as of Tuesday was 1,271 students, with 12 classrooms in the annex.

The estimated FCI is 38%, though, so the annex can be renovated to address capacity needs instead of being replaced.

The top priorities for the annex are making sure it is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, adding restrooms on the second floor, adding dressing rooms and storage for the dance studio, putting in an elevator to make it ADA compliant, replacing windows and addressing other program needs, such as a shared dance studio space for the possibility of instilling a Kickstart karate program.

Trustee David Stasny noted he is frustrated to hear the district is already facing capacity issues at the newer school, but he wondered if the estimated enrollments were lower than reality.

The district’s Odyssey Academy program, which is housed on the SFA campus, adds about 70 students who are not zoned for the school, Bryan Associate Superintendent of Teaching & Learning Barbara Ybarra explained.

Understanding those two projects have “considerable interest” to the steering committee, Bryan Chief of Staff Ginger Carrabine said, the district will launch ads for Request for Qualifications later this week and bring the results back to the board during the Oct. 21 meeting. Then, if a 2020 bond is called and approved, the district will be ready to use the summer months to do construction work.

During the workshop, the board also approved a resolution authorizing an interlocal agreement between Brazos County and the district to fund the Read by Third programs in the district and grants for the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention and Early Intervention, Wrap Around Resource Program and Truancy Intervention Project.

Trustees also approved the district’s 2020 medical plan premiums and heard updates on school safety changes in place for the 2019-2020 school year, including training, perimeter fencing, security vestibules and card readers.

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