A Bryan teen has been sentenced to 10 years in prison after pleading guilty in a March 2018 home invasion in which a woman was attacked in her apartment at a Bryan retirement community.

According to court documents, Chalon Bryce Green, 18, was sentenced Monday on a robbery charge. His co-defendent, Darius Deandre Lott, 19, is scheduled for an Aug. 5 jury trial.

The victim in the home invasion, 64-year-old Cynthia Sims, said she recalled cracking the door open after hearing a knock around 1:30 a.m. on March 23, 2018, at her home in a retirement living facility on Memorial Drive. Sims said Wednesday she remembers looking into the eyes of Green, whom she had not met before that night.

“I saw that he was not a friend of mine, and I did what I needed to, to stay alive,” she recalled. “I submitted to him.”

Green knocked her over as he and another man entered, Sims said. She closed her eyes tight as a defensive reaction and never actually saw the second aggressor, though she knew someone else was there.

According to a police report from the incident, Sims told police the person knocking on her door that day said he was a maintenance staff member. The two took a set of keys from her home and stole her 2018 BMW. Hours later, police in Hearne detained Green and Lott after the two were found in Sims’ car, police noted.

The two were charged with aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison. Green pleaded guilty Monday to the lesser charge of robbery, a second-degree felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Sims said Wednesday that she grew up in California before living in various parts of Texas. She attended what is now Texas State University and received a degree in criminal justice in the 1970s. She worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield Association’s Medicare division before retiring in the 1990s after physical complications following some surgeries, she said.

Sims, who has a form of dwarfism known as achondroplasia, often seeks assistance from part-time caregivers. Sims says she believes that is why she became a target for the robbery.

According to Sims, one of Lott’s relatives had worked as a caregiver for her and that he had once visited her apartment. Though she said she did not see Lott’s face during the robbery, she felt at least one of the people involved had been in her apartment before based on how quickly they were able to carry out their actions.

The night of the robbery, Sims was taken to the hospital and treated. She noted that two scars on her face from where she had received surgery for skin cancer were reopened by the hits she had taken. Her late sister, who once worked for a Texas prison, had friends among the inmates, she told Green in her victim’s statement on Monday.

“I said to him that he’d better be glad my sister is not alive. ... He would need eyes in the back of his head,” she said.

Sims said she wants to see that the young men are not allowed to hurt anyone else, and voiced concerns that the Brazos County District Attorney’s Office did not seek a longer sentence for Green.

Assistant District Attorney Jessica Escue explained Wednesday that the DA’s office cannot comment on Green’s sentence until Lott has gone to trial.

“In this case we were in contact with the victim, she was at [Green’s] plea and sentencing, and she did give a victim impact statement,” Escue said.

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Id like to wipe that cheat eating grin off his face, attacking a vulnerable person with a disability, sick, demented, garbage. Gonna mess with the wrong one someday.

Broken Heart

Pretty sure that prison will wipe that grin off his face. He will still be young when he gets out and likely an even more horrible excuse for a human being. I don't know why someone would open a door to a stranger, especially at 1:30 am, but if they do let's hope they open it to let loose a 120 pound German Shepherd.

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