Chilifest 2019

One of several large beach balls bounces around the crowd gathered to watch Whiskey Myers perform Saturday, April 6, 2019 during Chilifest. View more photos here. Read about changes coming to the 2020 festival here

Chilifest's 2020 music festival was canceled Friday morning due to concerns over the spread of the new coronavirus.

The annual music festival held in Snook was scheduled for April 3 and 4. This year's lineup included headliners Whisky Meyers and Billy Currington.

Chilifest organizers said they would provide updates regarding ticket reimbursements on the group's website.

"The health and safety of our attendees has always been Chilifest’s top priority. After consulting with local authorities and public health officials, it is in the best interest of our patrons and with heavy hearts to cancel Chilifest 2020. It is our hope that by working with and for the community, Chilifest 2021 has the best opportunity to continue its charitable contributions to the local charities," Chilifest officials said in a statement Friday morning.

"Over the past few days, Chilifest has been in constant communication with informed local and state agencies regarding the health risks associated with hosting an event of this magnitude. Making the decision to cancel the event has been extremely difficult for Chilifest officials, sponsors, vendors, volunteers and benefactors of our annual contributions. Since 1991 the purpose of Chilifest has been to give back to local charities throughout the Brazos Valley, while providing a unique experience for all of our attendees."

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