The College Station City Council on Thursday unanimously approved funding to begin construction on the Northgate Park.

The park will be bound on three sides by Boyett Street, Spruce Street and College Main and is just north of the active Northgate retail hub. 

Construction likely will begin in July on the $418,266 project, which David Schmitz, director of Parks and Recreation for College Station, said likely would be complete by the end of this year. According to the city’s website, the park is more than 1½ acres.

“What we’re doing there is more of a passive, urban park,” Schmitz said “You’re not going to see playgrounds or anything like that. What you’re going to see is lighted pathways and 10-foot-wide sideways for people to walk and ride their bikes through as they go to and from campus, and a lot of green space.”

Schmitz said the facility will have lots of seating and a picnic structure with tables and a barbecue pit, along with drinking fountains.

“It’s a badly needed green space amongst all the high rises,” Schmitz said. “It’s surrounded by multihousing, so you’ve got apartments pretty much circling the park. It’s not on the active university retail center, but more towards the back.”

“It would be a really nice spot for some public art,” Schmitz added, saying that collaboration with the Arts Council of Brazos Valley and/or Texas A&M-affiliated artists may happen in the future. 

“After studying the local neighborhood, a need for passive/active open space was observed, paired with access throughout the park,” the council agenda reads.

All of the funding for the Northgate Park project is budgeted from the Park Land Dedication Zone 1 Fund. CRT GC Inc. won the bid process for the project. Schmitz said construction likely would begin in the latter half of July, and that it is a 120-day project. The precise completion date is subject to weather, but in all likelihood the park would be done around the end of 2019.

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