John David Crow

John David Crow, the first Aggie to win a Heisman Trophy in 1957, died in 2015.

The College Station City Council is holding off for now on backing a local legislator’s bill seeking to honor a Texas A&M football legend. 

State Rep. John Raney’s House Bill 884, if passed, would designate a portion of Texas Avenue between East Villa Maria Road in Bryan and Krenek Tap Road in College Station as the Carolyn and John David Crow Memorial Parkway. On Thursday, council members chose to postpone a vote on a resolution in support of Raney’s bill until the April 11 council meeting. 

That decision came after College Station resident Mary Hirsch spoke against the item, expressing a desire for a more “transparent process” in name designations of major roads. Hirsch said she appreciates the contributions Crow and his family made to the community but disagrees with such a designation being made for a major thoroughfare without community input. 

“I feel that designating a name memorial for such a prominent roadway should be done with the input and participation of the community,” Hirsch said. “The community should choose which name they would like to represent their values.”

Deputy City Manager Jeff Capps said during the meeting that the designation wouldn’t change the name of the Texas Department of Transportation road or have any affect on addresses. TxDOT would handle the installation of signage at both ends of the corridor.

The city’s understanding is that Crow’s family reached out to Raney’s office about the possibility of the designation, Capps said. 

The council, with the exception of Mayor Karl Mooney, decided to postpone consideration of whether to support the bill until April. Several council members expressed an interest in more information about the process for such a designation. 

Mooney, though, noted that the council isn’t deciding on whom the designation would be named for, but rather if it wants to support Raney’s bill that will ultimately be decided upon by the legislature. The bill is already in committee and could be voted on soon, Mooney said, and it’s unclear what more information the council will learn by April that could better inform its decision.

John David Crow was A&M’s first Heisman Trophy winner in 1957 and was the only Aggie to receive the honor until Johnny Manziel won the award in 2012. Crow spent 11 years in the National Football League and later held several coaching and administrative jobs for both the NFL and college teams. He and his wife, Carolyn, retired to College Station until their deaths in 2015 and 2016, respectively. 

The forthcoming Fun For All Playground in the city’s Stephen C. Beachy Central Park will include the Carolyn and John David Crow Field, a miniature version of Kyle Field with bleachers seating up to 400 people. The playground for children of all abilities will be located within the park off Krenek Tap Road, which would be the southern end of the proposed memorial parkway that could also be named for the Crows. 

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(3) comments


Of course BCC would make this mundane event out to be this out to be a waste of time venture by the GOP. Well, we conservatives feel EXACTLY the same about the Left. I don’t recall any concern about Dem legislators who have entrenched themselves in our representative form of government for decades. What do you have to say about the Dem’s myriad “mindlessly reelected establish(ed) candidates”, BCC?? They’re as common and plentiful as any GOP legislator. As far as transparency in naming streets is concerned, was there transparency in naming Martin Luther King, Jr. Street, William Joel Bryan Parkway, Raymond Stotzer Parkway, Harvey Mitchell Parkway, George Bush Drive, or Earl Rudder Freeway? I seriously doubt anyone called for “transparency” during those naming events. The Left likes to talk about transparency, but when it comes to practicing it, they’re just as devious as they claim the Right to be.

Brazos County Citizen

Of course the Dems are the same but it has never been my party. I'm critical of them all of the time. The GOP was my party for a while until they abandoned Constitutional conservatives like myself and ran up deficits and the national debt no different from the Dems.

Brazos County Citizen

Terrible idea. NO to renaming any more streets, especially prominent ones like Texas Avenue.

Get back to work on lowering property taxes, John, and stop with ridiculous, out-of-blue, feel-good measures. This is what happens when GOP mindlessly reelect establish candidates to be its party's nominee.

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