The next superintendent of the College Station school district will have previous administrative experience, the school board decided Monday.

In addition to the required superintendent certification, school board members decided Monday to also request the candidate have experience as a campus principal and as either a deputy superintendent or superintendent.

During Monday’s meeting, the board also discussed requiring a specific education level and classroom experience, but both are included in the other requirements. A person must have a master’s degree to receive a superintendent’s certification, and the board agreed a successful principal would have been a classroom teacher.

The position will be posted for 10 days for internal applicants. Then, if the board chooses, it could be posted for external candidates.

During the next 10 business days the board can interview potential candidates in executive sessions, Board President Michael Schaefer said.

In addition to being required by law to start the search internally, Schaefer said, it makes sense to do so with the leadership team the district has in place.

Monday’s discussion came three days after another special meeting on Friday in which the board heard a report from consultants Mike Moses and David Thompson of Thompson and Horton, LLP. The pair conducted multiple focus groups with district employees, parents, community members and students to get feedback that could help the board in selecting the next superintendent.

The discussion topics during the focus groups, Thompson said, were the strengths and weaknesses of the district and what characteristics they would like to see in the next superintendent.

“Almost without exception, every group in some shape or form said we’ve got to have someone who is — and this won’t surprise you — a great communicator,” Moses said during the Friday meeting. “Someone that can certainly address a lot of different subjects in our community,” and who can communicate with the board, the staff and parents with “an organized, strategic approach.”

Thompson said the groups also said, “without exception,” that the school board is moving in the right direction, though all added there are areas in which it can improve.

“There are some things that need more attention within the district than perhaps what they are getting, but on a holistic level, we’re confident and happy — satisfied was another word that got used some — with the overall direction of the district,” Thompson said.

Schaefer said it was encouraging to hear the report on the focus groups.

“That’s when I really knew that we were on the right track,” he said. “We’re hearing our good news, but it’s very good — reassuring — to hear that from the community as well.”

The job listing is posted on the College Station school district’s website.

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