A 20-year-old College Station man was arrested Friday after authorities say he was having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 13-year-old girl.

According to College Station police, a woman brought the girl to the police department on Jan. 2 to file a report that the child had been sexually assaulted. The girl spoke with police and said she had been in a sexual relationship with Jairo Areceo Balux-Guarchaj for several months.

The girl said in early 2018, when she was 12, Balux-Guarchaj approached her on social media and the two began talking. By October, the two began have sexual intercourse, which continued regularly through December. The girl also provided authorities with videos taken of the encounters, which she had saved on her phone. Authorities said the girl's mother told Balux-Guarchaj to stay away from the girl, and that he was aware how old the girl was.

Balux-Guarchaj is charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child, a first-degree felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. Bond has been set at $40,000, though he is also being held at the Brazos County Jail on a U.S. immigration hold.

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Brazos County Citizen

From Texas Tribune:

Sexual assault against a child is the most common crime for inmates with ICE detainers. There were 1,731 such cases involving inmates with detainers, and 69 percent of those inmates were determined to be in the country illegally. Homicide is the second most common crime by offenders with ICE detainers.

roy g

You are still lying. Larceny crimes are the most common ones immigrants are convicted of. Just admit it again like you've done before - you don't want immigrants of ANY kind coming to our country at all. You want a closed border as you've said before,


Just because it's on the internet doesn't make it true. Different sources are reporting different statics but in the end the comments posted to this story are only deflecting from the fact that a "man" sexually assaulted a child. It doesn't matter if he was in this country legally or illegally or that it even happened in this country. Any adult taking advantage of a child sexually, in my eyes, should be considered a capital offense.

Brazos County Citizen

Lives lost, destroyed, or damaged by immigration holds. It's a major issue that the Dems simply ignore and don't want to do anything about.

The problem right here in the Brazos Valley is larger than it seems if you look at just one news source. The Eagle reported the immigration hold in this case (thanks) but KBTX did not in their coverage. But then a few days ago KBTX had the story linked below and mentioned the immigration hold whereas the story did not appear in the Eagle at all.


So be aware that the immigration hold crime problem is larger than being reported. So much pain and heartache inflicted on American citizens by illegals yet the Dems have no interest in protecting us from it - they only see and value the political benefit. Its outrageous and sickening.

roy g

Of course, whenever citizens commit similar crimes, they're perfectly acceptable.

Victor Fox

"Lives lost, destroyed, or damaged by immigration holds."
This statement makes absolutely no sense. Immigration holds are placed AFTER a crime is committed.

"So be aware that the immigration hold crime problem is larger than being reported. So much pain and heartache inflicted on American citizens by illegals ..."
This is another of your intentional lies. I seem to recall having seen you schooled here before on the subject of immigration holds, and that there is no way of knowing from the placement of such whether an immigrant was living here legally or not. Your repeated implications otherwise are false.

Having seen virtually no comments by you regarding the suspects in other crimes in stories here, it is more than evident that you are simply a nationalist, a xenophobe full of hatred and fear of anyone "outside" unless they pass your personal admission requirements. If we admitted no immigrants whatsoever, that would likely suit your ends perfectly, whereupon you could then turn your apparent bitterness towards some other group. Who would be next?

There will always have to be a scapegoat for the ills of society - you certainly cannot look to your own demographic. Somehow, though, even if the nation were made up of an entire population that looked like you, spoke like you, thought like you, and believed as you, I perceive you would not be happy. You NEED someone to hate, to take your mind off the hate you feel within for ... yourself?

Brazos County Citizen

Well aware that an immigration hold could be here legally via a work permit. But more often than not, it's the immigration hold whose here illegal that's the perpetrator of a crime. Statistics bear that out. Those are the facts. All the murders, rapes, intoxicated manslaughters, etc. committed by illegals, by definition, should not have happened except for the fact that the illegals violated our laws and were here to commit the crimes. Perhaps if one of your loved ones were murdered or raped by an illegal, you might feel differently.

Victor Fox

Actually, statistics bear out the opposite. Your claim of being factual is, as usual, false.

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