An argument between a neighbor and partygoers at a residence in south College Station early Sunday escalated into a shooting that took the life of a 19-year-old woman and left two men injured.

College Station police weren't releasing many details Sunday afternoon, more than 12 hours after Lacie LaRose of Irving was shot at a home in the 900 block of San Benito Drive -- about a mile southeast of A&M Consolidated High School.

According to a police statement, investigators believe Ronald Wayne McNeil, 39, of College Station and some friends went to a party at a neighbor's home when an argument began. Police said the argument became physical and, about 3:06 a.m., McNeil pulled out a handgun and started shooting into a group at the party.

Assistant Police Chief Chuck Fleeger declined to comment on where in the home the shooting took place, as well as what type of handgun was used.

"Because of the evidential nature of these details, I cannot comment at this time because of the ongoing investigation," Fleeger said.

Jacee Wren, a friend of LaRose's who was not at the party but had spoken to the host, said there was a graduation party going on Saturday night and some of her friends were going to watch the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao boxing match at the house on San Benito Drive. Wren was told by the host that his neighbor, McNeil, and his friends were asked to leave after some rude comments. According to the host, the men left after a brief physical altercation and the party continued.

Wren said it was hours later that McNeil returned, pushing through some people in the backyard, walking through the back door and firing 15 times into a crowd of people in the house; LaRose was the first one to be shot, according to what the host told Wren.

"Thank God he wasn't a better shot. Who knows how many victims there could have been," Wren said.

Fleeger said a College Station police officer was at the corner of San Benito Drive and Pedernales Drive when he heard gunfire and responded to a residence, arriving in time to see McNeil and one of his acquaintances running from the home and getting into separate vehicles. The officer gave a dispatcher the vehicle information, and McNeil was detained as he was trying to leave the neighborhood in a pickup, Fleeger said. The acquaintance was arrested a short time later by another officer.

"Obviously, the officer's quick and decisive actions in relaying the vehicle descriptions were critical in this case," Fleeger said.

McNeil's acquaintance has not been charged with any crime and is cooperating with the investigation, Fleeger said.

McNeil remained in jail late Sunday and was waiting for a bail hearing. He is charged with murder, deadly conduct and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. If convicted of the murder charge, he could face life in prison.

After the shooting, LaRose was taken to the College Station Medical Center, where she died at 4:55 a.m. The two men injured in the shooting -- a 29-year-old from San Antonio with bullet shrapnel in his arm and a 23-year-old Bryan man with a gunshot wound to the leg -- were treated at St. Joseph hospital in Bryan and released Sunday.

Wren said LaRose moved from Irving to College Station in August and was a freshman at Blinn College. LaRose was a nice girl who loved animals, she said.

"She wanted to apply to the Texas A&M vet school. Her passion was animals," Wren said Sunday evening after spending a few hours with LaRose's parents.

Wren said LaRose's parents told her their daughter -- their only child -- was originally planning to attend school in Arkansas.

"They felt College Station was a safer environment. They're devastated now because they thought this was the safest place for her," Wren said.

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(25) comments


I remember The Eagles' coverage of Ynobe Matthews murdering Carolyn Casey in the Doux Chene apartments. They were careful to obscure then that the murderer was Black and victim White.


Vision 2020 plan strikes again. Such is "diversity." I wonder if this guy will be shown at the "Black History" museum (of Whitewashing Blacks)?

J Smith

Surprise, surprise -- Another uneducated ape betrays the trust and goodwill of people to include him in their civilized gathering, can't control his childlike emotions, and makes a bad life-altering decision, taking the life of the person who originally trusted him. This pattern is getting tired. When do we stop apologizing for this routine behavior?


My deepest and most sincere condolences go out to Mr. and Mrs. LaRose. I will keep them in my prayers for the Holy Spirit to comfort them in their sorrow.

As for the criminal, the sooner he is sent to the needle, the better. I hate to say this but it must be said; when do the riots begin for the death of this beautiful young woman?


@prairiegirl, why would there be riots? White girls are not killed daily by 40 yr old black men, they are not oppressed & they haven't dealt with generations of racism. Oh are you trying to say it's a tragedy and people should riot? People don't riot over common tragedies, they mourn and grieve. Where did we lose you?

spyder sansleg

I think we lost her at the Mason-Dixon line.


I guess sarcasm is lost on you? Or do you believe that rioting and looting and burning down businesses were the appropriate responses in Ferguson and Baltimore?


Cupcakey, a much higher percentage of whites are killed by blacks than blacks are by whites. If the dishonest lying media didn't cover for them all the time the truth would be known. Look up FBI crime statistics and see for yourself.


There are plenty of white women killed by blacks. It is not on the news because the liberal media does not want that truth out to the public. If every black on white crime was reported daily here would have to be a channel just for the reporting of such. I wonder what the black population would do if the intelligent white population would say "enough is enough" and riot not in their own neighborhoods but in the black neighborhoods? How long do you think the black inner city population would last? Don't say it can't happen, ask the Jews that lived in Germany when Hitler took rise.


Here you go Cupcakey for your reading pleasure.


"White girls are not killed daily by 40 yr old black men" Actually, that is not far off.

Andy Belcak

What is a 40 year old doing hanging out with a 19 year old anyway and presumably a group of 18-21 year olds.

I'm sure Al Sharpton will be right down to protest this and Obama will speak about it. Holding my breath.

Eagle subscriber

Hasn't poor Mr. McNeil suffered enough already. And he IS mentally retarded, so we mustn't be judgmental.


Crazy Cat-Lady logic.

Murdered by the "mentally retarded" and we "mustn't judge." And it's precisely that Crazy Cat-Lady Logic that allowed that thing to live among us and murder. It's that Crazy Cat-Lady Logic that only shows outrage to defend the "retarded" murdered or compassion for the "retarded" murderer. The Crazy Cat-Lady never cares about those who will improve the world through their intelligence, beauty, or hard work. No. Those people need to be hated and shouted down for "not sharing" with the "retarded" murderer.

Ever notice how these Crazy Cat Ladies will scream "IQ is biased" or "IQ is racist" yet when it comes time to defend a murderer, all of a sudden a low IQ makes them a Sacred Cow?


@TheRealTruth, my goodness. She would have improved the world with her beauty? Wow. And how in the world would you, or anyone, know of her hard work or intelligence? she was 19 and barely finished a semester at Blinn. Truth is we don't know any of that which you said. However, we do know that the life of a young woman very precious to her family & friends was lost and as outsiders, we can only mourn and pray for them if that's your thing. Why are you assigning qualities to her that you cannot possibly know?

Nunya Bidness

AnyJaneDoe, you need to educate yourself.

Try this, for starters.


AnyJaneDoe, there were 33,000 automobile deaths last year in the US. I suspect I will see you on your bike soon. After all, you would do anything to save 10,000 lives, ergo...

A. Nerd

"They felt College Station was a safer environment. They're devastated now because they thought this was the safest place for her," Wren said.

And they were right. Anywhere else, and the gunman would still be on the run, possibly in Mexico by now. This thug didn't even make it out of the neighborhood. Well done CSPD.

spyder sansleg

Is that why several murders in Bryan have been committed by CS citizens? (Note: They were all caught also.)

A. Nerd

Have some common decency. When a person asks you to leave their home, you don't go home and get your gun so you can shoot up the place. Death penalty isn't bad enough for an animal like that.

Duke of Earl

The guy that used the gun is the problem. That gun did not walk itself over there and fire 15 rounds. The guy probably had been drinking, if so, you want to go back to Prohibition? There are lots of other issues that cause these incidents, not the gun. The gun just ends up being a tool. He could have used an axe, chainsaw, machete, gasoline, a car and many other things that are designed for one purpose, but can be used to commit crime. The responsibility lies with the person that initiates the crime, not the instrument.

Stiffer penalties for using a gun in a crime should be considered. Stiffer penalties for those that do not have a permit to carry a gun and use it in a crime.

The acquaintance that walked over there with the killer, if he knew his buddy had a gun, I hope he tried to prevent this or called the cops. All this "thug life" that is popularized in our culture, is part of the problem.


This is horrible. What a tragedy. A young woman with her whole life in front of her. But, god forbid, anyone get rid of their guns, because the right to arms is more important than the 10,000 lives in the US lost each year.

I would give up anything if it would save 10,000 lives, wouldn't you???


I'll keep my lawful guns, thank you, because criminals certainly aren't going to get rid of theirs. I have a right to protect myself.


I heard the shots and my heart sank..... live one or two roads over it was little before or after 3am after the fight.... I heard a scream than it was like 8 or 10 shots then one min later I hear sirens.... This is so sad My family and I pray for everyone evolved....


Her name is Lacie. With an E.

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