The College Station Police Department is asking for the public's help to locate a pit bull mix that bit a girl on Monday.

Police said the girl was riding her bike in the alley of the 900 block of Bougainvillea Street when she noticed a loose dog and stopped to pet it. The dog bit her when she stopped petting it, police said.

The dog, which was not neutered, was described as blue with a white chest and a long tail, short legs and semi-erect ears.

After the girl was bit, the owner called the dog and it returned to the man, who called the dog Steve or Steven.

Police said the dog needs to be observed to rule out possible rabies exposure to the girl. 

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 764-3600.

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Dee Burns

A 10-day observation protocol was created for Animal Control personnel to observe the behavior of a QUARANTINED dog in order to see if it has any visible symptoms of rabies (as opposed to cutting its head off so a labratory can examine the brain for pathology of rabies). The 10-day quarantine is NOT a grace period for owners to find and produce records of rabies shots. The 10-day observation must be conducted AT ANIMAL CONTROL, not the owner's home, because it is the Animal Control personnel who are experienced in observing for rabies behaviors (which can be subtle), not the dog's owner.

A victim cannot wait 10 days before starting treatment for rabies; they must start it immediately. The closer the bite is to the brain or spinal column of a victim, the quicker they need to start treatment for rabies. The owner of the dogs should be escorted home to go through their records or to immediately telephone their veterinarian for records.

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