The College Station school district names its teachers of the year at an annual awards ceremony held online Monday night.

College Station Middle School U.S. history teacher Chris Ribardo was named the College Station ISD Secondary Teacher of the year, and Elizabeth Simpson, a kindergarten teacher at Greens Prairie Elementary, was named the district’s Elementary Teacher of the Year.

A&M Consolidated Middle School adapted behavior paraprofessional Alyssa Kubickek was named CSISD Paraprofessional of the Year, while Ross Satterwhite, campus computer technician from College Station High School, and Debra Johnson, head dispatcher from the transportation department, were named the district’s Co-Auxiliary Employee of the Year.

The district teacher of the year winners will have an opportunity to advance through the Region 6 Education Service Center as part of the selection process for the 2021 Texas Teacher of the Year. 

 In addition to recognizing employees from each campus, the district honored several retirees, including Assistant Athletic Director Sue Betts, the longest-tenured employee to retire this year, with 45 years of service to the district.  

A complete list of awards is below.

 Campus Teachers of the Year

College Hills Elementary - Paula Henderson (SPED - CASL K-2)

Creek View Elementary - Christina Moring (4th Grade)

Forest Ridge Elementary - Sara Leader (3rd Grade ELA)

Greens Prairie Elementary - Elizabeth Simpson (Kindergarten)

Pebble Creek Elementary - Jennie Bennett (1st Grade Self-Contained)

River Bend Elementary - Amy Merritt (Kindergarten)

Rock Prairie Elementary - Kristin Williams (4th Grade)

South Knoll Elementary - Kathy Smith (Dyslexia Intervention)

Southwood Valley Elementary - Leila Garcia (Kindergarten)

Spring Creek Elementary - Melanie Young (3rd Grade)

Cypress Grove Intermediate - Diane Gillum (English)

Oakwood Intermediate - Mike Korczynski (SPED - Adaptive Behavior)

Pecan Trail Intermediate - David Childers (6th Grade PE)

A&M Consolidated Middle School - Melinda Loggins (Art)

College Station Middle School - Chris Ribardo (US History)

Wellborn Middle School - Wendy Miles (7th Grade Science)

A&M Consolidated High School - Chelsea Grenier (Biology, Anatomy, & Physiology)

A&M Consolidated High School - Belinda Pruitt (AB Calculus & Pre-AP Precalculus)

College Station High School - Judith Foster (ESL 9-12)

College Station High School - Cindy Knapek (AP Physics, Pre-AP Chemistry & Chem 1)

College View High School  - Lara Patterson (English I - III; College and Career)

College View High School  - Angela Wolf (PE & Health)

Campus Paraprofessionals of the Year

College Hills Elementary - Stephanie Rojas (Bilingual Receptionist)

Creek View Elementary - Becky Jenkins (Receptionist)

Forest Ridge Elementary - Afshan Rasheed (Pre-K Assistant Teacher)

Greens Prairie Elementary - Angela Dusek (Resource Assistant)

Pebble Creek Elementary - Amy Barrera (Administrative Assistant)

River Bend Elementary - Angie LaBove (Administrative Assistant)

Rock Prairie Elementary - Rhonda Barrett (Attendance/Registrar

South Knoll Elementary - Mary Schoeneck (Library Assistant)

Southwood Valley Elementary - Russell White (RTI Instructional Assistant)

Spring Creek Elementary - Tammy Diamond (Instructional Assistant)

Cypress Grove Intermediate - Jan DeCoste (Attendance/Receptionist)

Oakwood Intermediate - Kelvin Felder (Instructional Assistant - ISS)

Pecan Trail Intermediate - Ashley Hayes (Principal's Secretary)

A&M Consolidated Middle School - Alyssa Kubichek (AB Paraprofessional)

College Station Middle School - Lisa Kanetzky (Instructional Assistant)

Wellborn Middle School - Joshua Booker (Life Skills Paraprofessional)

A&M Consolidated High School - Krystal Bridges (Counselor Administrative Assistant)

A&M Consolidated High School - Kendra Lundy (Attendance Clerk)

College Station High School - Julie Wellman (High School Textbook Coordinator)

College Station High School - Christina Sweeney (Admin Assistant - Substitute Coordinator)

College View High School - Audrea Constancio (Admin Assistant)

Campus/Department Auxiliary Employees of the Year:

Forest Ridge Elementary - Louise V. Kaecker (Child Nutrition)

College Hills Elementary - Rosalba Barrios (Custodial)

River Bend Elementary - Gloria Ealoms (Custodial)

Spring Creek Elementary - Candida A. Hernandez (Custodial)

Pebble Creek - Naomi Martinez (Child Nutrition Manager)

Cypress Grove Intermediate - Fidencio Guevara (Head Custodian)

Oakwood Intermediate - Donna Morrison (Child Nutrition) 

Pecan Trail Intermediate - Maria Tejeda (Custodial)

College Station Middle School - Maria Maldonado (Custodial)

Wellborn Middle School - Anthony Curda (Head Custodian)

A&M Consolidated Middle School - Thelma Whitfield (Head Custodian)

A&M Consolidated High School - John Tohkubbi (Head Custodian)

A&M Consolidated High School - Kenneth Ray Oaks (Custodian)

College Station High School - Ross Satterwhite (Campus Technology)

Child Nutrition Department - Amina Khan (Child Nutrition)

Transportation - Debra Johnson (Head Dispatcher)


Janice Attaway - Athletics

Cheryl Bastian - A&M Consolidated Middle, English Teacher

Sue Betts - Assistant Athletic Director

Jami Bevans - A&M Consolidated High School, Art 1- IV

Janet Boutton - College Hills Elementary, Special Education Teacher

Sandra Brownrigg - A&M Consolidated High School, Special EducationMelanie Bruxvoort - College Station High School, Math Teacher

James Clay - Facilities Department, Electrician

Marti  Dunn - Forest Ridge Elementary, Art Teacher

Karen Ferguson - Curriculum and Instruction, Director of Career & Technology Education

Kim Foster-Rodgers - College Station High School, Assistant Principal

Joyce Green (Dec) - Cypress Grove Intermediate, Social Studies Teacher

Maureen Hawkinson - South Knoll Elementary. Receptionist

Ronnie Helm - College View High School, Assistant Principal

Anne Hoffman - College Station High School, Counselor

Gary Kent - Facilities Department, Construction Inspector

Sheri Keys - A&M Consolidated High School, Math Teacher

Lynne Knight - Rock Prairie Elementary - Principal’s Secretary

Cynthia Koehler - A&M Consolidated Middle, English Teacher

Alice Kowalik - Rock Prairie Elementary, Special Education Paraprofessional

Becky Kubin - Cypress Grove Intermediate, Social Studies Teacher

Cindy Kunz (Dec) - Cypress Grove Intermediate, Librarian

Mark Langwell - College Station High School, Law Teacher

Lisa Mahnke - Pebble Creek Elementary - Teacher, 1st Grade

Lily Martinez - Special Education, Educational Diagnostician

Linda Nelson - Cypress Grove Intermediate, P.E. Teacher

Jimmy Pollard - A&M Consolidated Middle, US History 

Randall Pratt - College View High School, Math Teacher

Theo Rouse -Facilities Department, Coordinator of Construction

Cynde Sampson - College Station Middle School, English Teacher

Lisa Sicilio - College View High School, Lead Nurse for CSISD

Monica Smith - College Station High School, Career Prep

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