One year ago, Shante Dunn started a movement to lift up women and help build their self-confidence.

“What we’re trying to do is instill body positivity in all women, regardless of ethnicity, the shape or the size that they’re in,” Dunn said. “We encourage them to love who you are.”

Dunn’s movement — called Curve Game Matters — will be hosting its first fashion show on Saturday to further that message, but there will be no professional models.

“These are just regular people walking the runway,” Dunn said.

She wanted the first event to be a fashion show because it shows women of all shapes and sizes who are confident enough to wear what they want — not high fashion or designer clothes necessarily — and walk the runway.

“You don’t have to be a runway model to look beautiful,” Dunn said.

Curve Game does not encourage or discourage people from making body alterations, such as getting breast implants, but the movement exists to help women love themselves.

“Do what you need to do for you first, and then we’ll worry about that other person,” she said. “If you love you, [they’ll] love you. … If you love yourself, people are going to see that you have confidence in yourself, regardless of what you look like, and then you can build from that.”

Her goal, she said, is to help women feel confident in their bodies without the need to go out and get plastic surgery or feel like they have to look a certain way.

“If you want [surgery], that’s fine, but don’t do it for anybody else,” Dunn said. “We’re not saying don’t do it, but we’re saying be confident in what you are going to do.”

There are women who are “disgusted” with their bodies and lack self-confidence, she said, noting many get discouraged if they do not have a significant other because they think it is because of the way they look. The Curve Game Matters group on Facebook is there to make sure women know they have support, Dunn said.

“We’re supposed to build each other up and make sure you don’t have to fall short of that, and I want to make sure there’s no woman out there that’s falling short of it because of the way you might look or the way you talk,” she said.

Currently, the Facebook group is a “VIP group” that people can join for $5. That money, along with T-shirt sales, go toward purchasing gift cards for women who need help with gas, groceries or other bills.

The group exists, Dunn said, to build women up and let them know, “We care, and we’re here for you.”

The CGM Fashion Show is scheduled for 6 p.m. Saturday at the Brazos County Expo Complex. Tickets to the fashion show, VIP memberships and other merchandise can be purchased at

Though Dunn started the movement in the Brazos Valley, the Houston native said she wants to spread Curve Game into her hometown and beyond.

“I want it to go all around the world, so ladies will know you don’t have to be any shape, you don’t have to be any size, you don’t have to be any race to be loved. You’ll be loved regardless,” she said. “You have to build confidence in yourself. ... You have to love yourself first. How is anyone else going to love you if you don’t love you?”

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