Tommy Wallis, the former Bryan school superintendent who left the district after he was asked to resign in 2016, has now resigned from the Kirbyville school district.

According to the Beaumont Enterprise, the Kirbyville school board approved Wallis' resignation Thursday night, then adjourned without providing any details about why or what terms they had agreed to.

“Nice try, no way,” Wallis said when questioned by a reporter, according to the Enterprise story.

The Enterprise reported board members also declined to comment. Trustees had spent 36 minutes in executive session before voting to accept Wallis' request for retirement without any discussion. 

Documents from Wallis' time in the Bryan school district addressed "hostile work conditions" during his tenure. 

Four days before the Bryan school board asked former superintendent Tommy Wallis to resign in September 2016, four senior district officials sent trustees a memorandum requesting "relief from the hostile work conditions" created by Wallis.

The memorandum, which was among hundreds of pages of documents released by the school district to The Eagle and other media outlets in April 2018, was sent Sept. 15, 2016, by district leaders who urged the trustees to take immediate action and place Wallis on suspension with pay due to what they described as his repeated failure to meet the district's standards of professional conduct.

When Wallis resigned from the Bryan district on Sept. 30, 2016, he received $83,049 and a letter of recommendation per his separation agreement. 

The Kirbyville board voted unanimously to hire Wallis in March 2017 at an annual salary of $130,000. Joseph Brecht, who was Kirbyville school board president at the time,  said at the time the board met with Bryan officials before making the decision and that all trustees were excited about the hire.

“We’re just happy and excited and look forward to many years of exceptional service from the man,” Brecht told The Eagle at the time.

Wallis and the Bryan school district were among the defendants named in a wrongful death lawsuit filed in March 2019 in connection to the death of Dennis Reeves, who was principal at Kirbyville High School when he took his own life in the parking lot of the school on May 23, 2017.

Reeves’ widow, Tammy, their two children and Reeves’ parents are listed as the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which was filed Feb. 28.

Wallis is described in the lawsuit as “an intimidator, a bully and a harasser” and the suit alleges his purpose as superintendent was as an “intimidator, bully and in-house spy” for the Kirbyville school board.

Bryan school board President Mark McCall released a written statement in March stating, “The Bryan Independent School District Board of Trustees denies all allegations of wrongdoing referenced in the lawsuit that was recently reported on in the local media.”

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