A College Station man accused of planning to kill his father was indicted Wednesday by a Travis County grand jury on a capital murder charge.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, a two-page indictment stated Nicolas Shaughnessy, 19, "knowingly caused the death of an individual" by hiring a man -- identified by authorities as 21-year-old College Station resident Johnny Roman Leon III -- to kill Theodore Shaughnessy.

Nicolas Shaughnessy had initially been charged with solicitation to commit capital murder in the March slaying, but prosecutors opted to only present a capital murder charge. Under state law, a person can be charged with capital murder if he pays someone else to commit murder.

Nicolas Shaughnessy's wife, Jaclyn Edison, has not yet been indicted. She was released on bond on a charge of solicitation to commit capital murder and is accused of participating in the plot. Authorities say she has provided information to help further their investigation, the newspaper reported.

According to Travis County authorities, just before 5 a.m. March 2, Nicolas Shaughnessy's parents -- 53-year-old Corey Shaughnessy and Theodore Shaughnessy, 55 -- were awoken in their Austin home by their dogs barking. Theodore Shaughnessy drew his handgun and went to the kitchen, where he was met with a burst of gunfire from two different weapons. He collapsed and died, and one of his dogs was shot and killed beside him.

Authorities say Corey Shaughnessy saw two shadowy figures in the bedroom and fired with her own handgun. She hid in a closet and was not injured as the intruders fled the scene. Representatives with a security company told law enforcement that the Shaughnessys' home burglary alarms had been remotely disabled from Nicolas Shaughnessy's computer in College Station just before the slaying and reactivated about an hour after Theodore Shaughnessy died. Video from the home's security cameras also had been manually deleted.

Law enforcement officials say Nicolas Shaughnessy may have been looking to receive $8 million from a combination of life insurance payouts and the sale of his parents' home and jewelry business.

Capital murder is a capital crime punishable by execution by lethal injection or life in prison. Nicolas Shaughnessy remains in the Travis County Jail on $3 million bond.

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