The small seeds of the warm-season vegetable crops must be placed shallow in the soil or on the surface. The medium-size seeds should be placed two times deeper than their size, and the larger seeds four times deeper than their seeds. The seed bed must be kept moist so they will sprout and grow.

All vegetable plants should be handled carefully so the soil on the roots will remain. The fresh planting materials should be protected from undesirable conditions during storage and transplanting time.

Gardeners should know the seasons and the best planting time to start new crops and the time to replant, the materials to use and how deep to place them, the distance (inches) between plants and rows and more adapted varieties for each vegetable crop. They could make wiser choices and expect better production every season in this area. These warm-season vegetable crops are listed to their first planting date:

• Tomato (S,F): 3/5–4/20; transplants; 24 & 48; (Lr.>12oz.): Better Boy, Big Beef, Black Krim, Bush Goliath; (St.4<11oz.): Better Bush, Bush Celebrity, Bush Champion II, Health Kick, Solar Fire, Tycoon; (Sm.<3oz.): Dwarf Cherry Surprise-BHN968, Jolly, Sungold, Sunsugar, Viva Italla Plum and Tumbler.

• Corn (S,F): 3/5–5/5; seeds; 12 & 12; (Sweet): Kandy Korn (Y), Silver Queen (W); (Sugar Enhanced): Ambrosia (BC), Honey n Peari (BC), Legend (Y); and (Triple Sweet): Mini (Triple sweet, Y), Mirai (Triple sweet, BC).

• Bean, bush (S,F): 3/10-5/5; seeds; 6 & 12; Contender, Derby, Dwf.Fr. Tendergreen, Festina, Blue Lake 274, Maxibel and Provider.

• Bean, pole (S,F): 3/10-4/10; seeds; 6 & 36; Blue Lake Pole, Jade, Kentucky Wonder, Purple Pod and Rattlesnake.

• Cucumber (S,F): 3/20–6/15; seeds; 36 & 36; (Pickling): Calypso, Carolina and H-19 Little Leaf. (Slicing): All Season Burpless, Diva, Suyo, Sweet Slice, Sweet Success and Sweeter Yet Burpless.

• Eggplant (S,F): 3/25–6/10; transplants; 30 & 36; Black Beauty, Fairy Tale, Ping Tung Long, Purple Rain and Rosa Bianca.

• Melons (S,F): 4/5–6/15; seeds; 36 & 72; (Cantaloupe): Ambrosia, Athena, Hale’s Best and Lambkin; (Honeydew): Earlidew; (Watermelon): Crimson Sweet, Golden Crown, Jubilee, Minilee and Yellow Doll.

• Okra (S,F): 4/5–6/15; seeds; 36 & 48; Cajun Delight, Clemson Spineless, Emerald, Red Burgundy and Silver Queen.

• Peas (S,F): 4/5–6/15; seeds; 6 & 12; (Southern): California Blackeye #5, Mississippi Silver, Purple Hull, Texas Pinkeye and Zipper Cream.

• Pepper (S,F): 4/5–6/15; seeds; 18 & 18; (Sweet Bell): Big Bertha, Blushing Beauty, Golden Summer, Karma, Lilac and Orange Blaze; (Sweet Other): Carmen, Giant Marconi and Banana; (Hot): Anaheim, Mariachi, Mucho Nacho, Super Cayenne, Tiburon and TAM Jalapeno #1

• Potato (S): 4/5–5/20; transplants; 16 & 36; (Sweet): Beauregard and Lucullus.

• Pumpkin (S,F): 4/5–5/15; seeds; 48 & 96; Appalachin, Connecticut Field, Big Mac, Munchkin, Small Sugar and Triple Treat.

• Squash (S,F): 3/15–6/15; seeds; 36 & 48; (Summer): Yellow Summer Crook, Dixie, Early Golden, Yellow Straight Neck, Goldbar and Goldrush.

• Squash (S,F): 3/15–6/15; seeds; 48 & 48; (Winter): Acorn, Butternut, Spaghetti and Sweet Mama.

Write to Elmer Krehbiel, c/o Brazos County Office, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, 2619 Texas 21 W., Bryan, Texas 77803. Email him at

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