Jermaine Ray Lang

A 31-year-old Houston man was sentenced this week to eight years in prison after pleading guilty to organized retail theft.

Jermaine Ray Lang pleaded guilty to the third-degree felony charge for his role in stealing more than $6,000 worth of electronics and sporting goods from Wal-Mart in Bryan in March 2013.

Lang and another man were able to get away with 21 tablet computers they carried out in a stolen cooler, along with a fishing rod, according to police reports.

He was arrested a few days later after he and another man returned to the Wal-Mart and were spotted by a loss-prevention officer who'd reviewed security footage of the earlier theft and recognized the pair, said Brazos County assistant District Attorney John Brick.

When questioned by police, Lang admitted to taking part in at least two other Wal-Mart thefts and currently has pending charges for the same crime in two other counties.

"This was not an isolated incident, but rather a sophisticated operation targeting Wal-Marts all over this area of Texas," Brick said. "The defendant is now paying the price for choosing to steal instead of making an honest living like the rest of the citizens in this community."

Lang's Houston-based attorney, Lori Mack, said she was pleased with how the case turned out and believes justice was served.

"He pleaded because it felt like it would be in his best interest," she said.

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(9) comments


He steals $6,000 worth of stuff and gets 8 years in prison, but that Hines woman steals $16,000 from the county and gets probation. Hmmm.

Eagle subscriber

He's a real gem. His specialty, the secret of his success really, was his ability to appear inconspicuous, just another ordinary guy.

Let's start a project with The Eagle. Wouldn't it be fun and interesting to actually track this gent's rehabilitation over the next couple years before he's released to do what - continue preying on society - it's the only way he knows.

idaho duncan

Officer: Sir, do you remember anything unusual about the individual, any conspicuous or identifying features?
Victim: Um, no. Not really. Just an ordinary-looking guy. That's why I didn't really pay him too much attention.

jay garcia

I found the treasure map! I found the treasure map!


A face only his mother could love.

the real slim shady

Are you sure he's not from Hearne? They stole the now closed Wal-Mart blind with the old put high dollar stuff in the cooler trick--years ago.

Joshua BCS

Is that a secret map detailing the whereabouts of missing Flight 370 on his face?



Nunya Bidness


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