Jacob Leonard Walton

A 27-year-old Bryan man was sentenced Wednesday to 53 years in prison for taking part in a brutal beating and robbery of a man in 2011. 

Jacob Leonard Walton, a known gang member, was convicted by a jury Tuesday of aggravated robbery and was facing up to life in prison for the first-degree felony. Walton opted to have 361st District Judge Steve Smith decide his punishment. 

During the two-day trial, prosecutors Kevin Capps and Ryan Calvert presented evidence from an incident in August 2011 when Walton and two other men attacked Jordan Dalton at his apartment off of Finfeather Drive. Dalton's cellphone and money he'd won from one of the men in a dice game the previous night were stolen. 

The men broke Dalton's jaw in two places and left him with several other serious injuries he was treated for after being transported to Scott & White in Temple. 

Prosecutors also called on law officers who testified about other charges currently pending against Walton, including four counts of family assault.

A deputy constable testified about one of the assault incidents when Walton was arrested for punching and strangling his girlfriend while she was driving. 

Smith also heard from a woman who said her son was stabbed in the back as a 16-year-old by Walton in 2005. The teenager suffered a collapsed lung, according to testimony from the victim's mother. 

Capps said Walton served a five-year sentence for the stabbing. 

"I think it's clear that if he's out on the street, we're all less safe," said Capps, who recommended no less than a 50-year prison term for Walton. 

The defendant and his mother were called on as defense witnesses.

While on the stand, Capps said, Walton admitted to the majority of pending charges against him, but denied his role in the aggravated robbery. 

"Acts of violence will not be tolerated in our community," Capps said. "And those who would choose to side with street gangs should continue to expect the strongest possible measures of deterrence and punishment." 

Walton's attorney, Brad Cune, declined to comment Wednesday. 

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(3) comments


I'm the 16 year old from that article. Jacob IS an animal and he doesn't belong in the world with the rest of us. When I was 16, he approached me, looking for a fight for no apparent reason after a game of basketball. I had literally spoken to him once before, and we'd never had a problem. He just wanted to show off because he'd heard that I was a boxer. I told him multiple times that I was not looking for a fight, but he continued to attack me. When I finally decided to defend myself, he pulled a knife and stabbed me because he's a coward and he couldn't just push me around like the countless women that he's battered. I heard from people who knew him that he beat up a homeless man for not giving up his money, and his ex told me horrific stories about how he would beat her for no apparent reason, leaving her scared, bloody, and afraid. Jacob is in prison because of his own savage actions, and this article only presented facts. If he sounds like an animal, well... Maybe he is one.


This article has made him sound like an animal. As I have a personal relation with jacob I am saddened and angry by this news and article. This article had made him seem like such an animal and has failed to mention witness statements that corroborated jacob's story. But because he has a record they are using him as an example to other"gang members". I just hope they will provide the help he needs so he can cope with his anger. He has been basically raised by the prison system with no family support.


So young. So violent. So sad.

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