New Suspect Sketches from the Murder of Virginia Freeman

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk hold up an original sketch of a suspect to a new DNA composite sketch pictures of the suspect, aged to roughly 25 years of age, from the 1981 murder of Virginia Freeman, as seen Tuesday, April 18, 2017, at the Brazos County Sheriff's Office in Bryan, Texas.

The documentary series National Geographic Explorer aired a segment Monday night on the Brazos County Sheriff's Office's search for the man who killed a real estate agent in rural College Station in 1981.

Virginia "Ginger" Freeman died Dec. 1, 1981, a half-hour after taking a call at Bryan's Real Estate Mart from a man with a "country-sounding accent," according to stories in The Eagle's archives. The man had told Freeman he was interested in buying a home on Greens Prairie Road, then a rural part of College Station, and could pay with $73,000 in cash.

Freeman's body was found behind the still-locked home later that evening. Freeman had been struck in the back of the head by a blunt object, possibly a slab of concrete, stabbed repeatedly in the neck and shoulders and had suffered a broken neck as a result of strangulation.

Despite 35 years and countless leads in multiple states, authorities never found Freeman's killer. In April, Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk released two facial composites of the killer, created using DNA found under Freeman's fingernails. The composites were created using Snapshot DNA Phenotyping, a state-of-the-art DNA analysis tool. Nat Geo Explorer fronted the cost of the $3,600 analysis in exchange for permission to create a television show documentary about the investigation.

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