Nancy and Sluggo

The new Nancy began in 2018 by Olivia Jaimes, a pen name used by the first woman to helm the strip.

There’s a new-yet-familiar face in The Eagle’s comics section today. An updated take on Nancy makes its debut.

Ernie Bushmiller created the Nancy character in 1933 in a strip called Fritzi Ritz. That evolved into a spinoff Nancy comic in 1938, which Bushmiller drew until 1982. It has continued through the work of other artists.

This new Nancy began in 2018 by Olivia Jaimes, a pen name used by the first woman to helm the strip. Jaimes has kept the original strip’s minimalist style and characters — the mischievous and self-absorbed title character, her friend Sluggo and her aunt Fritzi — but has brought the storylines into modern-day situations that include cellphone obsessions and social media. It occasionally veers into comical meta territory.

Nancy was included in best-of lists by The Ringer, The Hollywood Reporter, The AV Club and Paste. It was named best comic strip in 2019 at the Ringo Awards, which honor the comic book industry. Jaimes was also named newcomer of the year in 2019 by The Comics Beat, to which she replied, “I’m touched and honored — thank you. Please continue to give me many awards.”

An addition to the comics requires a subtraction. The Eagle conducted an online survey in December about the comics published on weekdays and on Sundays. We appreciate the reader feedback, and it contributed to these changes: To make room for Nancy’s arrival, we bid farewell on Sundays to Frank and Ernest. On weekdays, Nancy will replace Get Fuzzy, which has been in reruns since Darby Conley stopped creating new weekday strips in 2013. If Conley returns to making new strips, we will consider restoring it to our pages.

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