Officer loses game of Rock, Paper, Scissors at Chilifest

This screen shot from a video of the incident shows an allegedly intoxicated minor winning a game of rock-paper-scissors against an officer at Chilifest.

Three police officers seen during a game of rock-paper-scissors between one of the officers and an apparently intoxicated girl under the age of 21 at Chilifest 2015 will not be asked to work the annual country music festival and fundraiser in the future.

Burleson County Pct. 2 Constable Dennis Gaas confirmed he recognized the officers seen in a video posted on Total Frat Move, a fraternity comedy and news source, but declined to identify them by name or agency before they are given a chance to explain the situation to their bosses. Gaas said the officers work for two different agencies.

The video, first posted to a Texas A&M student’s Vine account and later deleted, showed a female festival-goer celebrating after beating the officers at rock-paper-scissors.

According to TFM, the girl in the video got out of a minor in possession citation by winning the game.

Gaas said he had yet to speak to the officers as of Tuesday to confirm the story.

“I have seen the video and can only say that this is unacceptable and unprofessional conduct by these officers,” Gaas said in a statement. “Officers are given the choice of giving a warning or issuing a citation for any violation they encounter during this event. Playing a game to see if a citation or warning is given does not fall under professional conduct. All officers were instructed during orientation to present a professional appearance and attitude.”

In coordinating security for Chilifest, held annually in Snook, Gaas sends out about 70 letters each year to law enforcement agencies in the hopes of recruiting 80 to 100 officers to help with traffic control, crowd control and safety.

Officers at Chilifest arrested 22 people over the weekend and issued 113 citations, including 44 for minor in possession, 25 for minor in consumption and 17 for public intoxication. Gaas said arrests and citations were down from the previous year.

“I hope that the public will realize that this was a few officers and not all the officers at Chilifest,” Gaas said. “Those who came and performed the job that was requested and required to make this event safe and enjoyable should be commended for a job well done.”

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(7) comments

Preston Wigginton

America is so up tight. You just can't have fun here anymore.

the real slim shady

I am doubting now that the rent-a-cops were sober themselves. They didn't follow standard protocol. That is entirely unacceptable. And that girl is a part of a minority. She is a female, drunk and around a bunch of other drunks. At least something something similar to the gang rape in broad daylight with people watching, standing around, recording it on their smartphones (not to give to the police) did not happen like the one in Panama City this spring break. I am seeing too many stories in the last few weeks about people unworthy to carry the badge. She's fortunate that they didn't shoot her. They need to be fired.


Exaggerate much? Mercy.


People are way too uptight over this. First I did not see the video but what a cool way to test for intoxication. Plenty of police around to avoid anything like in Fla. so not a rape threat. Oh well, guess we need to nail every kid that takes a drink while under age. Do as I say not as I did. I still remember how we got the drinking age to 18 during Viet Nam, drafted to die but not allowed to drink. Sorry getting carried away of this issue.


They should have let her shoot a beer can off the
cops head to prove she's sober...

ray sims

let me shoot one off yours

ray sims

no big deal, no one was hurt, the media going to make sure the cops can't do anything right, but who do we call when were in trouble?

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