Three protesters were arrested during a graduation ceremony at Texas A&M on Friday.

The disruption occurred at the university’s 9 a.m. ceremony for students of the College of Engineering at Reed Arena.

Texas A&M University Police spokesman Lt. Bobby Richardson said one man and two women were arrested and taken to the Brazos County Jail.

Jail records show all three protestors were from out of state; 32-year-old Nakia Ford of Georgia, 23-year-old Mysti Lee of Illinois and 31-year-old Ankur Jain of California were charged with hindering proceedings by disorderly conduct. Jain was also charged with criminal trespass.

The protest, which lasted just over a minute before officers intervened, began when Ford and Lee unrolled a large banner from the front row of the audience that read, “TAMU: Stop Cruel Dog Tests.” Jain got down from the bleachers and onto the floor of the stadium, disregarding a metal fence, and ran down the aisle between two rows of seated students toward the stage.

Jain was shouting about animal testing and holding a flag above his head that read, “Stop Cruel Dog Tests PETA,” according to the police report, which notes that spectators booed the interruption.

Jain was quickly escorted from the floor of the stadium by police officers and the sign being held by the women was pulled down by a graduation participant wearing a black robe and a white stole.

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I'm an Aggie from the class of '91 and I grew up in College Station. Thank you to these protesters. Those experiments have been going on for a long time and are cruel and unnecessary.

allison clare

What an important message! Animals should never be used in experimentation; it's time to officially ban this inhumane, deplorable practice.

Lucy Post

Experimenters at TAMU intentionally breed dogs to suffer from crippling, muscle-wasting disease and keep them caged for life. Not only are these experiments horrifically cruel, they haven't yielded a cure or even an effective treatment for humans suffering from this awufl disease. It's time for Texas A&M to modernize and embrace humane, human-relevant methods that hold real promise of a cure.

Nunya Bidness

Carpetbagging protesters. Get a rope.

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