Deputies with the office of Precinct 3 Brazos County Constable J.P. Ingram received a nearly $6,000 grant from the National Rifle Association Foundation this week.

The $5,800 grant will be used to purchase ammunition for Ingram and his four colleagues, as well as a service rifle for one deputy.

Ingram said that grants are used by the constable’s office to subsidize needs otherwise not covered by the department’s regular budget. While municipalities and the county both receive property taxes as revenue, county offices receive less in sales taxes than city governments, he noted.

“County resources tend to be a little more limited than local resources,” Ingram explained. “We tend to look at other avenues to offset our needs.”

In July, Precinct 2 Brazos County Constable Donald Lampo received a grant from the NRA to purchase bean bag guns, which can impede a suspect’s attack like a typical shotgun would, without as great a chance of killing them.

According to the NRA website, the organization has awarded $398 million in grants over the past 30 years through the NRA Foundation. These grants are given to nonprofits, law enforcement offices, public schools and colleges.

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John Jacob jingle Heimer Smith

NRA: Hey JP ill trade you a rifle and some ammo for your soul.

JP: Deal

How many other bribes are being paid by "Grants"?

This shouldn't be allowed, its inappropriate, buy your own gun keep some dignity.

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