Millions of dollars earmarked for public safety-related purchases and hires are on the agenda for Tuesday's Bryan City Council meeting.

The council is expected to consider spending about $1.6 million on an ambulance, an EMS urban command vehicle, a new fire engine, six patrol vehicles, three unmarked vehicles and a police motorcycle.

The first reading of a staffing ordinance that would add 10 firefighter positions to the Bryan Fire Department and three police officers to the Bryan Police Department also will be considered.

For the police department, funding for the three officers and additional vehicles was approved during the fiscal year 2017 budget process. The vehicle funding was approved for a total amount not to exceed $435,690 -- quotes for the six patrol vehicles and equipment, three unmarked vehicles and the police motorcycle and equipment are estimated to total about $402,640.

If approved, the vehicle purchases will expand the police department's fleet by replacing three patrol vehicles and adding an another three. The motorcycle will replace an existing unit, and the three unmarked vehicles that will be used by special investigations personnel also will replace current cars.

According to city officials, expanding the department's fleet is necessary as sworn personnel have increased from 132 in fiscal year 2016 to 146 in the current fiscal year.

On the fire department side, the funding for four of the additional positions was approved by the council during the budget process. The other six positions have been approved via grant funding through fiscal year 2019, when the budget will need to be adjusted to maintain the increased staffing.

The department is asking the council to consider allowing the purchase of a refurbished ambulance and a refurbished EMS urban command vehicle for a total of about $300,000. The new fire engine has an estimated price tag of $878,760.

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Bryan PD needs more like 40 new police cars.. I had one pull up to me the other night. Most the lights were out on it. Are covered up by worn out lenses that frosted over. I don't even see how they could pull a car over on a traffic violation with their own Vehicles being a total diva junk... When was the last time the Crown Victoria was made 2011.police cars usually only last 2 or 3 years

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