The College Station man accused of killing a Blinn College student early Sunday is a felon with a history of illegally possessing firearms, according to records released Monday.

Details about Ronald Wayne McNeil's past and how he came to be at 905 San Benito Drive late Saturday were in a police report and prison records search obtained by The Eagle. According to those reports, McNeil, 39, told officers the .40-caliber handgun he retrieved from his house accidentally fired several times.

Family and friends of Lacie LaRose, the 19-year-old killed in the south College Station shooting, reacted with anger, frustration and sorrow on social media Monday.

LaRose was a freshman at Blinn College studying animal sciences. She moved from Irving to College Station with hopes of applying to Texas A&M, according to friends.

In a Facebook post, LaRose's mother, April Hollinghead LaRose, thanked her friends for their kind wishes and expressed outrage over her daughter's death. The mother's profile page was flooded with messages from Lacie LaRose's friends.

"I just wanted you to know that there are many people you'll never meet that were in awe of her spirit and zeal for life; many she inspired to be better and many lives she changed," reads a comment posted by Matt Smith.

"Though she wasn't in this world long enough; she left an impact a footprint -- she made a difference."

A $5,000 online fundraising campaign was set up Monday by LaRose's aunt. The page is being used to establish a nonprofit foundation to carry out LaRose's dream of saving animals.

Funeral arrangements are pending the conclusion of an autopsy, according to family members.

As for McNeil, the 39-year-old had his bail set at $500,000 on four first-degree felony charges: murder, deadly conduct and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

According to court records, McNeil was arrested moments after the shooting on San Benito Drive. Police noted in the report that an officer was patrolling nearby after previously responding to a loud party complaint at the home where the shooting took place.

McNeil told officers that he and a friend were at the home watching the Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao boxing match when someone began using racial slurs. McNeil told police an argument escalated into a fight in which his friend was being assaulted. According to the report, McNeil went across the street to his house to get a gun.

McNeil told officers he was running toward the crowd when the first round accidently went off, police said. According to the report, McNeil said he continued running toward the crowd of people into the backyard, where his finger accidentally pulled the trigger several times. One of the bullets went into a residence on San Saba, behind the home, police noted in the report.

McNeil was arrested shortly after the shooting with the Glock pistol in his pickup's center console, records show.

Chief Deputy James Stewart with the Brazos County Sheriff's Department said he carried a .40-caliber Glock pistol as his sidearm for about 20 years and that it is one of the safest and most reliable weapons used by law enforcement.

"It's just about impossible [for the gun to fire] if your finger is not on the trigger," said Stewart, who is not involved with the investigation. "The safety on a Glock is in the trigger. It's not going to go off with some small movement or by dropping it. You have to do something."

McNeil was convicted in February 2000 of felony manufacture of a controlled substance in Bastrop County.

TDCJ records show McNeil was serving a three-year sentence in a Texas prison when he was convicted of the charge. According to the records, McNeil was released Sept. 29, 2000, under mandatory supervision.

McNeil was arrested and convicted of two misdemeanor charges -- including driving while intoxicated -- since his release. In each of those cases, McNeil was ordered to serve 100 days or less in the Brazos County Jail.

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(18) comments


"I hate when my gun accidentally unloads an entire magazine into a crowd of people." Said nobody ever!

J Smith

Great. Another uneducated ape who violated the trust and goodwill of neighbors who had included him in a civilized gathering. He can't control his emotions, and caves to impulses to make a terrible life altering decision. This pattern is getting tired. I hope this walking cesspool gets the chair.

My Observation

Where is Jessie, Al Sharpton or even an Obama commentary? The silence is deafening.


Obvious case of racial profiling. Someone needs to burn something!!

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
spyder sansleg

The original seven states that seceded from the Union to form the unrecognized Confederate States of America did so after the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860 whose political platform included a refusal to expand slavery. What does that have to do with this story of an ex-con killing an innocent person, or are you implying that this would never have happened if the South had won the war and slavery had continued to exist to this day?


LaRose, I did'nt know you, but carrying on the love of animals was special. Take care and you will take care of animals past. They are with you now.What a shame.


Indeed this was a senseless loss True enough....the " hoodie wearing thug " was invited over! To the underage "19"drinking party which one victim was 29yrs of age so most likely everyone was intoxicated needless to say the idiots who started the altercation was most likely a underage drunk... moral of the story wrong place at the wrong time!!!


Not to stir the pot--but black felon shoots into crowd and kills 19 yr old teenager (who was not breaking any law)--where is Jessie Jackson on this one? Should the whites in BCS riot (no!)? National news doesn't report this. But let a black evade the cops and get shot and we'll burn/riot the town (a few bad apples). I am not racist and not trying to make that point. But why is it a double standard? The truth is this stuff happens all the time and it's not always racist. And it is a two way street. The truth is that there are both whites and blacks that are good and ones that are not. It's not always racial. This is a very sad story, regardless--just as in Ferguson and Baltimore. My heart's out to all families for their unnecessary and senseless loss.


The gun "accidentally" fired multiple times? And he expects us to swallow that story? What a pile of garbage! Fortunately he will NEVER see the light of day again and will die in prison. I have no sympathy for him.

My sympathy and my condolences are for the soul of Lacie LaRose and for her family and friends. I am so sorry for your loss.

Eagle subscriber

What was a middle aged ex-con thug doing at a party of 19-year-olds? There is a lot more to this story that we have been told. We know that the hoodie wearing thug had a previous felony drug conviction. I agree that (unfortunately) the death penalty will be off the table and the overburdened taxpayer will be forced to provide this ne'er-do-well with room, board, medical care, an education, supervision, etc. indefinitely. Time for a good old-fashioned necktie party.


I've owned a Glock before. Loved it. The police officer and others commenting are correct - that gun isn't going off unless you purposely pull the trigger all the way.


The Glock pistol was designed without an external safety to make drawing and firing the pistol quicker and easier. It does have 3 internal safeties that prevent the gun from firing accidentally. In short, the Glock pistol simply will not fire unless the trigger is fully depressed.


Paddy McGinnis

I'd hate to be this idiot's defense attorney! Wow. Why is it that they always seem to claim they were provoked by someone using the N word? Also, this man is almost 40. Why does he think his story, which I could see a teenager using, would hold up in court? It is completely impossible for a grown man to take responsibility for his actions these days?

Nunya Bidness

"Accidentally" fired 15 rounds? Yeah, good luck with that defense. Time to warm up the death chamber in Huntsville.


I have a Glock 40S&W. It doesn't go off on accident. Ever.


I'm with you otherbrotherdarrel. None of my guns have ever been fired accidentally. When you place your finger on the trigger there is an intent to action otherwise why would you put your finger on the trigger? I certainly don't believe as many as 15 shots could be an accident...I don't even believe one could be an accident under the circumstances as reported. I really hurt for the parents of precious child that paid the price for this persons arrogance and stupidity. Kudos to our law enforcement for the quick apprehension and detainment.


It is a shame he did not shoot himself and his buddy between the eyes.


He won't get the death penalty. He will get life. This isn't a death penalty case. But he needs to make himself comfortable, cuz he will be in there for a lonnnngggg time.

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