Texas A&M University not only placed College Station on the map, but it also played a $4.42 billion role in its economy in 2013, according to a new in-house study.

The university's Division of Finance and Administration conducted the annual study pegging the A&M System's economic impact on Bryan, College Station and the surrounding areas at almost twice as much as its impact a decade ago.

The study looked at the effects of money spent locally by employees, students and visitors to campus.

"We are proud to contribute to the economic vitality of the area, and we think the institutions based here have highly positive impacts in a host of other manners too," A&M System Chancellor John Sharp said. "In short, it's great to be able call this 'home' and we think -- certainly hope -- that feeling is mutual throughout the community."

Aggie football, the Southeastern Conference and Johnny Football's popularity played a large role in the almost $113 million increase since 2012, A&M senior financial analyst John O'Neill said.

While A&M's first season as part of the SEC saw increased attendance, 2013 welcomed 40,000 more attendees at football games.

According to the report, almost 74 percent of the 1.3 million people who visited the campus and spent about $385 million were there for a sporting event.

The Bryan-College Station Convention & Visitors Bureau estimates that visitors spend 2.5 days in the area and spend $103 per person per day. But those numbers are based on people attending events hosted by the Convention and Visitors Bureau, such as the Texas 7-on-7 tournament.

Shannon Overby, executive director of the CVB, said college football fans likely spend much more on food and hotels during home game weekends.

An A&M graduate from the class of 1991, Overby credits the university with drawing her to the area.

"I came here to go to A&M and never left," she said. "A lot of us who live in this community can say we would not be here if it weren't for A&M."

A lot of the increased economic impact in the past 10 years was driven by a boost in the number of employees and students enrolled at the university, O'Neill said.

In 2003, A&M had about 45,000 students, as opposed to the more than 52,000 enrolled on the 12th day of classes of the fall 2013 semester. Those students spent an estimated $494 million in the area on food, housing, clothing, school supplies and recreation, according to the report.

The 21,073 employees on the A&M payroll in Brazos County, which includes A&M System offices and state agencies in College Station, such as Texas Forest Service and Engineering Extension Service, spent $889 million last year.

For those doing the math, the estimated amount of money spent by students, visitors and employees was about $1.77 billion in 2013. Analysts multiplied that by 2.5, the number of times a dollar changes hands within the community, to get its final figure for the year. And that's a conservative estimate, O'Neill said.

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(23) comments

Upper Echelon

It's obvious that obasfirst is one of the people with a poor attitude as he took the bait and responded to me hook line and sinker. Thank you for proving what we all already knew obasfirst aka elf, aggieprof,roy g, master of disaster

Upper Echelon

I've been observing the comments section in here and it seems that only the unhappy employees of Texas A&M University post on here and on a daily basis. That must mean that the majority of employees are happy or they just don't have time to post their negative comments. It must get tiring and rather boring positing the same old poor attitude comments day after day after day.

Nunya Bidness

Careful, you're going to be accused of being me and boarddefender. The disgruntled faculty, who are not to be confused with the majority of the faculty who are hard working and productive, can't believe any more than one person would notice such a level of negativity.


nobody will accuse him of being sabio/boarddefender. "Upper Echelon" is aka jer2.

you do share absence of logical thinking skills though.

udder epauletts

Negativity != critical thought. Something we learned in college.


Can't we just pick it up and move it to someone else's backyard? Please and thanks..

Nunya Bidness

Another solution would be for YOU to move! Much easier than trying to move a nearly 6000 acre campus.


I'd personally would rather have the BCS of 10 years ago back..Thank you to BOTH colleges for bringing a vast amount of apartments (you can't afford without living with 5 other ppl, college fund, part time job, and parents retirement), BARS (lets all stay drunk and watch football), AND medians (if you've been here long enough you know what this means :) these are just a few observations as a local..oh well what can you do..change is inevitable.


When it comes to big money and TAMU "system" reminds me of an old cake song:

We are building a religion
We are building it bigger
We are widening the corridors
And adding more lanes

We are building a religion
A limited edition
We are now accepting callers
for these pendant key chains

To resist it is useless
It is useless to resist it
His cigarette is burning
But he never seems to ash

He is grooming his poodle
He is living comfort eagle
You can meet at his location
But you better come with cash

William Johnson

It would be nice to have a link to the report itself.


Given that I am neither "allknowing" nor "Sabio", the wise, I have a stupid question:

Do the 4.4 Bio refer to Texas A&M at College Station, and its impact on Brazos county? In that case the article should have said "Texas A&M University" not 'System'.
Or do the 4.4 Bio refer to the whole system? In that case this money gets distributed over many county not just Brazos county.

A. Nerd

Article says it is the SYSTEM's impact on CS-B and the surrounding area. So it might extend a little outside Brazos County where A&M has crops planted in fields for instance, but is mostly limited to CS-B. It includes TAMU's impact PLUS the System's impact. Don't forget that the Chanellor and all the people that work in that building by the Hilton are System employees, not University employees. Agricultural extension service, TEEX, TTI, the real estate center, and probably a few other organizations I'm not aware of would also be included in the system #s, but not the university's #s.

Nunya Bidness

The Anti-A&M crowd us up early today. I continue to marvel that people WANT live and work in a place that causes them such misery! The vast majority of people are really happy here. In fact, people are clamoring to get here. As a result, the population is exploding.

Life is too short to live in misery. I hope these guys can find a place to live and work where they'll be happy. The sooner the better, for everyone.

A. Nerd

I agree. Houston has plenty of houses for sale, and they're even cheaper than CS. You may have to deal with a few gangs running around shooting people, hour-long commutes, and schools that probably won't teach your spawn to read, but that's nothing compared to the horror of having to save for your own retirement.

Nunya Bidness

Despite that, the disgruntled faculty (in contrast with the hard working, productive faculty who don't post here on the taxpayer dime) would CLEARLY be happier in Houston than here.


broken old record.

You wrote this at 6:48am, there were only 2 comments before that, neither mentioned anything negative about A&M.

Maybe you should start reading before posting, just a thought.

Nunya Bidness

You're kidding right? "You have destroyed The Aggie Family" is not Anti-A&M? FTW didn't mean that A&M is a "bad actor"?

Posting on taxpayer time again I see....


"you" means John Sharp. Are you implying he IS A&M? That would explain a lot

"Posting on taxpayer time again I see....". How observative of you.

Nunya Bidness

Thank you for wasting my money.

udder epauletts

Paying for the Internet is wasting your money, Sabio. If you write it off for education, you're wasting our money.

Nunya Bidness

udder - what? I was referring to obasfirst/fromafar/elf/because posting on websites during hours in which he SHOULD be teaching/researching/mentoring students thereby wasting taxpayer money.

And, I don't write off my internet for education. Who does that? Well, other than tax cheats?

the real slim shady

'A&M System Chancellor John Sharp said. "In short, it's great to be able call this 'home' and we think -- certainly hope -- that feeling is mutual throughout the community."'

Really? How about all those people you outsourced who lost their state retirements?

John Sharp, get off the crack pipe and open your eyes. Morale has never been this low. You have destroyed "The Aggie Family". Epic fail.


If it weren't for TAMU, there would likely be no C.S., and Bryan would be much more like Hearne or Navasota. Without question TAMU has made a huge difference, but it is a relationship where both sides have a role to play. Buth have to be good actors in the relationship.

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