Two local teens have been arrested in connection to a March home invasion robbery where a 63-year-old woman was attacked in her apartment at a Bryan retirement community, authorities said.

According to Bryan police, authorities were called to a retirement living facility on Memorial Drive in Bryan early March 23. A 63-year-old woman had been taken to CHI St. Joseph Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries after she had been assaulted in her home. The woman told police that around 1:30 a.m. that morning, two people knocked on her door and said they were members of the maintenance staff. When she cracked the door the peek out, a man shoved the door open and pushed her to the floor.

Police say one man punched the woman -- who has a genetic disorder that causes dwarfism -- in the face repeatedly while the other man walked around the home, asking where the money and car keys were. The men tossed some nearby dirty clothes over the woman's face to obstruct her view, the victim told police. The woman complied with the men's commands and told them where to find her car keys and once the attack was over, police say the woman's car was gone.

About two hours later, Hearne police found the stolen vehicle stopped in an alleyway. Inside were Darius Deondre Lott, 18, who was driving, and Chalon Bryce Green, 17. The two were detained and brought in for questioning.

Police say Green said he did not know who owned the car or where it came from, but Lott largely corroborated the victim's story. According to a police report, Lott said someone he knows "kind of works at" the retirement community and he had once accompanied the person to work and caught a glimpse of the victim's BMW. Lott said he and Green coveted the car and decided to steal it from the victim, police said. The report notes Lott told police he pushed the victim and punched her at least once, and Green made sure she did not move.

Green was taken by Bryan police to the Brazos County Jail on a charge of aggravated robbery, a first-degree felony punishable by up to 99 years in prison and $10,000 in fines. He is being held on $80,000 bond.

Lott is charged with unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, a state jail felony punishable by up to two years in a state jail, and misdemeanor marijuana possession. He is being held at the Robertson County Jail on $7,500 bond.

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Words cannot describe these types of people and Im not talking about race, gender,sex, or sexual orientation, but assaulting someone that lives in a retirement community that has a disability is one of the worst,not the worst, but one of the worst things I have read here on the eagle, I really hope that joy ride was worth what you will have to face in prison. Just egregious! >:

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