Update: Chilifest President Hunter Koch said Friday afternoon that the policy has been amended to allow participants to bring their own alcohol or purchase it through the presale to be delivered onsite.

"...The BYOB aspect of the event will be limited to Friday," according to the statement posted by Chilifest on Twitter. "Saturday will not permit BYOB, which are the same rules from past years. One rule that is different from last year, is that bagged drinks will not be permitted. This comes from our first responder team, due to the safety of our patrons."

Original story: Participants in the annual two-day Chilifest music festival in Snook will no longer be allowed to take their own alcohol to the event, according to team rules distributed Friday and a Chilifest spokesman.

According to documents given to those registering teams for the April event on Friday morning, no outside alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the festival grounds.

Instead, participants are asked to pre-order select alcohol beverages through a Chilifest- and TABC-certified vendor. Proceeds from the alcohol sales will be included in the organization's annual donation to nonprofit groups around the Brazos Valley. 

The due date for beverage orders was not immediately clear on Friday. 

On-site alcohol sales for festival ticket holders that aren't members of a team were planned, but the details weren't clear Friday morning.

Hunter Koch, president for Chilifest, said the change was made for convenience and safety for participants.

Alcohol will be delivered to the festival grounds, and Koch said volunteers and trailers will be available to assist teams with moving them to their sites. In a statement, Chilifest said "the cost of the beverages will remain competitive at a fair market price."

This year's team rules say a link to an online order form will be shared with team captains, and physical order forms will be available Feb. 26 and March 1, when registered teams can add members. 

On Friday morning, the Chilifest website still said the event was BYOB but said in a statement that the rules listed are subject to change. 

Koch said teams this year will have the opportunity to begin construction on their assigned camping plots on April 3, the Wednesday prior to the festival. Previously, access to the camping plots began on Thursday.

Alcohol will be available for pick-up on April 4, and the festival runs from April 5-6.

For more information about the changes and this year's festival, contact info@chilifest.org.

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