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Brazos County Clerk Karen McQueen, right, lines up signs for distribution along with other election materials with the help of Chief Deputy Clerk Flo Workman, left, and other workers at the Tabor Arena Hall on November, 26, 2007.

Some Brazos County residents may receive requests to prove their citizenship this week. The local voter registration office said Thursday that those should be disregarded.

Local election officials mailed out “a few” notices to voters who had been flagged by the state for citizenship checks. Brazos County’s elections administrator, Trudy Hancock, didn’t say how many of those letters were put in the mail before state officials began calling counties on Tuesday to alert them that some of the names shouldn’t have been on its list of voters whose citizenship is being questioned.

Hancock said retraction letters will be mailed tomorrow advising those people who received the notices that they should be disregarded.

Those notices give 30 days to provide proof of citizenship through a birth certificate, passport or certificate of naturalization. Voters who didn’t respond would have had their voter registration cancelled.

The secretary of state’s office announced Friday that it had flagged approximately 95,000 registered voters for citizenship checks. In an advisory, the state said those people had provided some form of documentation that showed they were not citizens when they obtained a driver’s license or ID card, and their names appeared on the voter rolls. That number had increased to 98,000 on Monday.

About 58,000 of those people voted in one or more elections between 1996 and 2018, according to the secretary of state’s office. Counties were recommended to check the eligibility of the flagged individuals, which would involve sending them the notices asking for proof of citizenship. Brazos County was provided with a list of 570 names to check.

Those names are still being reviewed, and could change.

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(10) comments

Brazos County Citizen

Glad there are honest and fair attempts at cleaning up the roller rolls. It's necessary because we know the Democrat Party of Texas was caught doctoring forms to register illegals and other non-citizens:

Just another sign of the moral bankruptcy of Dems to go along with the recent applause of their latest infanticide efforts, the Virginia governor being in black-face or a_KKK_uniform, and the Lt. Gov. facing his own assault scandal:

Brazos County Citizen

Pushing back against Democrat Party attempts to commit election fraud is a never-ending task. Sounds like Brazos County officials will carry on with weeding out the illegible voters once a revised list comes out. Just this past election, the Democrat Party of Texas was caught . . .

John Miller

When ineligible names are found on the voter rolls in “Democrat-controlled” California, it’s the Democrats fault. But when the same thing happens in Republican-controled Texas… it’s the Democrats fault! Somehow, attempted voter fraud on the part of Democratic Party does not seem to be the most parsimonious explanation.

Brazos County Citizen

Thanks for admitting the the Democrat Party of Texas attempted voter fraud (your words). Here's an obvious revelation . . . they've been doing it for a long while before being caught. There's your parsimonious explanation.

John Miller

Actually, I said nothing about voter fraud. The names of ineligible voters tend to accumulate on the voters rolls as people pass on or move out of the state or county. These names are periodically purged by the registrars’ offices as part of the process of maintaining the voters rolls. Interpreting the presence of these names on the rolls as evidence of fraud indicates a misunderstanding of the process. However, when a list is prepared that flags names of particular origins and certain zip codes, something more sinister is afoot.

roy g

Pushing back against something that the Attorney General's office has found to be virtually non-existent is a never-ending task. Pushing back against something that Trump's phony Voter Fraud Commission could never even get started on is a never ending task. While insuring accurate voting rolls is something all jurisdictions should strive for, the lying bigots and Trumpsters who continue to make claims about "Democrat election fraud" or significant numbers of illegal alien voters conveniently and consistently fail to mention the examples of Republican vote rigging, voter fraud, and vote suppression they have to use now to cling to power, since their policy agenda seems to be appealing to fewer and fewer people the more extreme it gets. Instead they cite rightwing propaganda and fakenews stories and opinions, not unusually created by taking real world events out of context when not outright fiction.

There's no mention of the North Carolina ballot scandal in North Carolina's Ninth District. There's no mention of the sudden passage of an impossible requirement in North Dakota in order to prevent many Native Americans from voting in the last election. There's no mention of physically restraining people from voting in Georgia. There's no mention of the gerrymandering that turned Texas from balanced purple to rightwing red.

Brazos County Citizen

Gerrymandering is practiced by both parties. Ask Rep. Allen West. If Dems controlled the Texas Senate and House, they would do the same, and to the extreme.

When has the GOP ever stole an election with "suddenly appearing ballot boxes" found in closets or car trunks after the election is over, like with LBJ and Al Franken? And the most recent attempt by Brenda Snipes?

Voter suppression? Do I need to link to the ugly and horrendous history of the Democrat Party in that regard yet again?

My Observation

But you must defend Democrats dirty ways of allowing illegals to vote by deflecting and bringing in non stories like you just did. Voter suppression is a non issue in order to deflect the real issue of Democrat voter fraud and that is why you do not want a wall of enforcement of existing immigration laws. Its all for the votes and votes for future democrats. You do not care about that future of the the United States and her sovereignty.

roy g

Waiting for the usual anti-immigrant conspiracy theorists to spout off in three ... two ... one ...

John Miller

Lately, it’s no longer a challenge to be right all the time.

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