A Vietnam War documentary featuring Central Texas veterans will be screened at the Queen Theatre on Wednesday.

The Mark of War, directed by a University of Texas psychology professor, will be shown at 6:30 p.m. at the Downtown Bryan theater. The 70-minute feature will be free to view.

Director Ricardo Ainslie, who has been involved with the production of four prior films, will be in attendance with a veteran featured in the movie to meet community members.

The Mark of War highlights the lives of seven Vietnam veterans, but Ainslie spent 10 years speaking to several dozen veterans and compiling footage from more than 400 hours of video in the National Archives.

“The challenge was finding people who could talk about the things they’ve been through,” Ainslie said. “Veterans are renowned for not wanting to talk about what they went through.”

Ainslie interviewed enlisted men and officers who give first-person accounts of their experiences.

“This is not a political or historical film,” Ainslie said. “It’s psychological. The men talk about their experiences growing up, going to war, coming home from war and how being at war has shaped who they are.”

The movie has been screened in several cities in Texas and premiered at the 2018 San Diego International Film Festival. Ainslie said the film has had a positive reception, especially from the veteran community.

The screening is hosted by Humanities Texas, the state affiliate of the National Endowment for Humanities.

Mark of War can be viewed online in full with Vimeo On Demand, Ainslie said.

For more information and to watch the film’s trailer, visit www.themarkofwarfilm.com.

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