The Restaurant Monitor is a weekly listing of scores for restaurants inspected by the Brazos County Health Department.

Inspections scores are on a 100-point scale. Generally, scores below 80 might cause the department to schedule a follow-up visit. A score below 70 results in the suspension of an establishment’s health permit. The following inspections were conducted March 12 to March 19.

Restaurant Monitor


Aurora Store, 2909 Texas 21 W. — 89. Wiping cloths improperly used/stored, improper cold-holding temperature, unauthorized persons, improper cooling time and temperature, inadequate handwashing facilities, eating/drinking/tobacco use.

Diamond Shamrock Corner Store, 901 Earl Rudder Freeway — 98. Other violations, non-food contact surfaces not clean.

Dollar General Store, 3706 N. Texas Ave. — 94. Utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled, improper cold-holding temperature, inadequate handwashing facilities.

Handi Stop, 2805 N. Texas Ave. — 93. Toilet facilities improperly constructed/supplied/clean, utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled, improper date marking and disposition, unapproved thawing method, physical facilities improperly installed/maintained/clean, non-food contact surfaces not clean.

Hometown Chinese Restaurant, 3105 S. Texas Ave. — 95. Environmental contamination, utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled, wiping cloths improperly used/stored, unauthorized persons.

Jack in the Box, 900 N. Earl Rudder Freeway — 89. Wiping cloths improperly used/stored, improper cold-holding temperature, food contact surfaces and returnables not cleaned and sanitized, food and non-food contact surfaces not cleanable, unauthorized persons.

Mr. Hamburger, 3706 S. Texas Ave. — 88. Utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled, unauthorized persons, food contact surfaces and returnables not cleaned and sanitized, improper disposition of returned/previously served or reconditioned, toxic substances improperly identified/stored/used.

Popeye’s, 2601 S. Texas 6 — 95. Environmental contamination, physical facilities improperly installed/maintained/clean, food and non-food contact surfaces not cleanable, non-food contact surfaces not clean.

Wendy’s, 891 Earl Rudder Freeway — 86. Unauthorized persons, other violations, toilet facilities improperly constructed/supplied/clean, physical facilities improperly installed/maintained/clean, improper cold-holding temperature, time as a public health control: improper procedures and records, eating/drinking/tobacco use, utensils/equipment/linens improperly used/stored/dried/handled, evidence of insect/rodent/other animals contamination.

College Station

The Taco Bar, 1411 Wellborn Road — 100.

Accel at College Station, 1500 Medical Ave. — 96. Food contact surfaces and returnables not cleaned and sanitized, single-service and single-use articles improperly stored and used.

Holiday Inn Express, 1203 University Drive E. — 93. Warewashing facilities improperly installed/maintained/used, improper hot-holding temperature, unauthorized persons.

Lupe Tortilla, 813 Texas Ave. — 99. Eating/drinking/tobacco use.

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