As former Vice President Joe Biden builds on his delegate lead over Sen. Bernie Sanders for the Democratic presidential nomination, names are starting to rise as potential vice presidential picks. In a debate earlier this month, Biden vowed to pick a woman for his running mate. In the weeks since, the following women have emerged in news reports and among Democrats as potential picks ... a few even mentioned by Biden himself during the campaign. Here they are:


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Gary Drost

So, a Left-Wing candidate for President is actively showing gender prejudice by vowing to pick a female running mate? If any male candidate vowed to pick a male running mate, he would be crucified for gender prejudice - by the Left. Talk about an obvious and convenient double standard. It's okay for the Left to do something like this, but the Right, well, you guys better not even think of doing it, you evil, gun-toting, bible carrying, racist, homophobic, misogynistic bunch of "despicables".

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