April 14, 1999 - December 5, 2018

David Childs' life began April 14, 1999, at College Station Medical Center. From a young age, he demonstrated profound curiosity, tenacity, and sensitivity. David never ceded to the status quo; rather, he thought critically about the meaning of life and the character of God. He was a loyal friend, a creative thinker, and a caring listener. His witty sense of humor and deep care for others are sorely missed by his loved ones.

Throughout his all-too-short life, David enjoyed spending time outdoors, skateboarding, biking, and listening to classic rock music. David was also a talented video game developer, known for creating innovative games with fun storylines. His work drew much attention on Roblox.

In David's words, the best day of his life was spent playing airsoft with his brothers and cousins on his uncle's farm in Kentucky. His family shares fond memories vacationing often in Colorado, where David loved skiing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. Further, he relished trailer park tacos from Torchy's, Freebirds burritos, strawberry milkshakes, root beer, and his dad's famous chocolate coffee cake.

David spent his nineteen years involved in the Brazos Valley community. He was employed as a plumbing assistant at Tom Lyne Plumbing and hoped to become a licensed plumber. Additionally, he regularly attended Grace Bible Church. David served others generously; he readily lent a helping hand, no matter the need.

David joins his grandparents, Darrell Childs, of Marlin, Texas, Rodney Veitschegger, of Seattle, Washington, and Cynthia Kerr, of Allensville, Kentucky. He is survived by his father, James N. Childs, MD, and mother, Maria V. Childs, MD, who both serve the Brazos Valley community as dermatologists; his grandmother, Laverne Schendel, of the Houston area; his two sisters, Hannah Marie Childs - 23 (currently of Seattle, WA) and Beth Anne Childs - 21 (currently at UT Austin); his two brothers, Matthew James Childs - 17 and Jonathan James Childs – 17 (currently at College Station High School); aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and dogs who grievously miss him.

David fought to live for what matters. In middle school, he received the "Lion's Heart Award" for defending the defenseless, which he continued to do throughout his life. David passionately cared for the weak, and his legacy continues to inspire others to do the same.

A Life Celebration Gathering Visitation will be held on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, from 6-8 PM at Hillier Funeral Home of College Station. A Life Celebration will also be help at Hillier Funeral Home of College Station at 4 PM on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Please visit David's tribute page at www.hillierfuneralhome.com to share stories and memories.

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Dear Child’s family, I am united with you all in this sorrow, I wish none of us ever had to know. Our Keith took his life 2/12/2009, so tenth year coming right up. On 12/13/18 he would have turned 27. The numbness and shock will protect you for a while. Then you will thaw out a little bit. The whole takes time thing is really the truth. I think I stayed zombie like for 3 years. Andy and I both took Grief Share twice and he took it a third time. But Andy really died the day Keith died, it just took him 4 years of illness to actually go home. The guilt of I should have seen this or I should have said that, is a dangerous place to be. Yes, you will go back there many times, I still do sometimes. DO NOT stay there! You want to say things to the kids and your spouse to help them, but you can’t. There is nothing on earth or heaven that can change this, make it go away or make you or them feel better. Why did this happen? God where were you when this happened? Why didn’t you stop him?
Well, I don’t know, I may never know and by the time I get to Heaven, it will no longer matter. I was blessed because God took me to heaven in a dream. I saw my baby, he said Mama you are not sposed to be here now! I’m right where I’m sposed to be and I’m okay. This was the best gift for a broken grieving mother’s heart. I did not want to wake up or go back. God made me, He said, you have more to learn and more to do for My Kingdom. After that, I had deep down peace. I missed my Keith to this day. We all do just as we miss his daddy Andy. I can now go into his closet without seeing him hanging. But mind you, in February it will be year 10. And I just went in that closet in July. Be easy on each other, talk if you can, touch if you can’t speak. My mom told me to go out and talk to Andy because he was hurting too. I knew there was not one word I could say to make him feel better so I just held and kissed him. Do THAT! Don’t blame. You can be angry with David for a while, but you must forgive him. He didn’t do this to hurt you or be selfish. He did it because he hurt so bad that he couldn’t see a way out and that was the only option he thought he had at that moment.
You will never be the same. People will say some of the most hurtful crazy things to you, try to forget and forgive, not easy, but they don’t know deep down how to help you. Even family. Love each other, stay close but don’t smother. Feel what you need to feel, yell, cry! Life will never be like it just was. It will be different. Someday, a long time from now, life might be just ok again. Hold tight to God and family and friends. Some friends will not be there for you and that also is a hurt and a loss.
I’m so sorry about David. He went right into the arms of His Savior, Daid is ok, he is safe, he is loved even more than we ever could, he is where he is supposed to be. He left a hole in the fabric of your family garment, you will figure out how the new garment looks and feels but IT WILL TAKE TIME!
Kay Duncan


I didn't know David, just wanted to thank you for sharing this...some beautiful real talk, I hope it brings some comfort the the family and others as it did for me.


Your son had a wonderful smile. Your words are beautiful! I wish I could have known this young man! My sincere prayers are with you and your family! Julie

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