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The problem is that our country has lost its moral foundation

The term "racist" is so commonly tossed around now, I doubt many know what it truly means. The president's comments about Baltimore were exactly spot on, yet it is called "racist" simply because the representative of that district is black. Oh, come on! Democrats seem to destroy every city they have controlled for years. How it is racist to call that out?

Walter Buenger (Eagle, Aug. 2) apparently has been drinking deep from the Kool-Aid well for quite some time. If I am Republican, I am "racist," a proponent of tax cuts, liberal-spiter, etc. OK, following Buenger's logic, if you are a Democrat, you are a baby-killer, a Socialist, an advocate of total governmental control of your life, etc.

Throwing all this rhetoric around solves nothing. The real problem is deep in the heart of man, and his casting out of God in every aspect of society. The result is that the country has lost it's moral foundation.

Don't hang that on all Republicans.



Charges of racism against Republicans don't hold up

Walter Buenger (Eagle, Aug. 2) made a very sweeping charge that to vote Republican is to be immoral and racist. It is becoming evident that about all his party has to campaign on is the charge of "racism." At least it is the overarching theme, along with some "pie-in-the-sky" platform planks uttered by 20-some fighting lightweights.

If Buenger would check his history, he would find that following the abolition of slavery under Republican Abraham Lincoln, it was Southern Democrats, not Republicans, who introduced the concept of white supremacy while terrorizing blacks with lynchings and burnings, carried out by such groups as the Ku Klux Klan and having the support of Northern Democrats, such as presidents Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

Today, progressives have adopted notable groups as Black Lives Matter and Antifa which are using tactics of physical brutality against peaceful opponents. One such leader is BLM & Antifa leader Micah Rhodes, recently found guilty of raping an underage girl.

I'm afraid that Buenger's charge of immorality, as applied to the whole range of Republicans, and particularly President Donald Trump, who has achieved much for our country even under unrelenting opposition, does not hold up. To read racism into Trump's "attack" on Elijah Cummings is a reach, as it applied to conditions in Cummings' district, which Cummings himself had described similarly years earlier.


College Station

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